:: Girls Night In ::

:: Well last night was the first (of many, I'm sure) that I opened up our home to have girls in to scrap, stamp and enjoy the sweet treats! I had a great time with Amanda, Lisa & Kristin - Lisa and I were surrounded by two hard core scrappers, Kristin & Amanda. Both of them showed up with case loads and I mean cases of scrap stuff ~ It was truly inspiring and stirred many new ideas in my head. I only accomplished 4 pages in my now 8 page scrapbook, as you can tell I am not hard core at all! Here are some pics from the blessed event :) ::
:: Sugar cookies - Jacob helped me with these by banging a pot the whole time I was icing them, what a great help (yeah right) ::
:: The coffe table full of treats ::
:: Lisa and Amanda getting into the scrap session ::
:: Grapes and my chewy Ginger Snaps ::
:: Kristin taking a moment to feed Mr. Connor - Do you see the scrap mess :) ::


Amanda said...

That was a reat night Shawna! I rally enjoyed it! It was nice to meet you Kristin! And grea to spend some time with you Lisa B!
I only accomplished 3 pages so we may have to start earlier! My house is open as well for these nights if we choose. Thanks for opening your home Shawna!

Amanda said...

okay so there were a lot of spelling mistakes in that comment...that's what happens when you type really quickly and don't proof read! Sorry!

Phil & Nickie said...

Looks like you ladies had fun!

Candice said...

Totally forgot about Scrapping Night! Maybe next one although it doesn't look like there's much room for anyone else after seeing ALL THAT STUFF littering your table.

Sounds like you had a fun time. Hey, it's just nice to have a girls' nite and if you get any scrappin' done...BONUS!!

Canadian Kristin said...

We had a BLAST!!! Shawna, you are definitely a great Hostess. Lisa and Amanda, it was so great to hang out with you girls..... can't wait for the next invite!!! :-)

Lisa B. said...

I think I'm still in awe of the amount of gear that appeared from Amanda and Kristin's scraping suitcase carry-alls!

Great fun, good snacks, fabby girls and I finished four pages. Yippee!

Can't wait till we do it again.

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