:: See so he does look like me! ::

:: It's weird how Jacob looks so much like Paul right now but from baby pictures he looks so much like me! Ha, I told you I was his Mama! ::


Canadian Kristin said...

He's as beautiful as his Momma!

Amanda said...

We don't really have many pictures in my parents house of you as a baby. The one tha I can see in my head is of you when you are too new to tell if Jacob looks like you. These ones are great though! He looks a lot like you! Now when he gets older and you ask him "How come your so cute?" he can reply with "Because I look like my mommy!". I answered that question exactly like that for years!

Lisa B. said...

Of course he looks like you!!! Didn't we talk about this on Saturday night? You and Paul look similar - hence - you're cutie pie of a bean looks like both of you, maybe a bit more like Pauly since they are both males. (In case you forgot!)

And let's not forget Jacob looks like his Grandma on his mother's side! It makes me laugh every time your mom says that.

I think a couple times she's even said that Madelyne and Emma look like their Auntie Jo. (LOL)

Phil & Nickie said...

He totally looks like you!!! I've never even seen him in person, only in photos, and I defenitely say that he looks like you. Cute as can be! :)

Candice said...

As much as he looks like Paul, he does definitely look like you too. I wonder if he'll have your personality too....can the world handle that??? Just kiddin' :)

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