:: Victoria's Christening ::

:: A few weekends ago we had the pleasure of joining my SIL Jen and her husband Michael as they Christened Victoria ::

:: Michael & Jen, thank you so much for including us in this special day - We pray God's richest blessing on Victoria's life ::

:: xoxo - Paul, Shawna & Co. ::


:: New Release ::

:: I know, I know...it's still early in October, but Christmas is right around the corner! ::

:: Yesterday Travis Cottrell {he is the worship leader for Beth Moore Ministries} just released a new Christmas album called "RING THE BELLS" ::

:: You can go to his website and get a snip-it of the sounds on his new album, I can't wait to get my hands on it! ::

:: Music is such a huge thing in my life; I was raised listening to 106.5 fm all night long. It planted good seeds & we now do the same thing with our boys ::

:: All in all, I love music. It's not often that I don't have some sort of music playing in my home, car or head. When I am weak I listen to music, when I am strong I listen to music, when I'm happy, when I'm sad...I listen. The impact music can have on my life is huge ::

:: I do think of the music that will be in heaven and the music that I want played at my funeral. It may be morbid but, that's me. Deal with it ::

:: Anyway, grab his new cd and get in the spirit - you'll love it! ::


:: Around My House ::

:: I love to decorate, I don't take much time to re-think my home as running around after two little ones and just keeping the house organized is enough of a job in itself! However that doesn't stop me from decorating at the end of September to welcome Fall indoors :: :: Here is a decor board I put together of all my Fall decor, hope you love it as much as I loved decorating ::

:: PS. Candy Corn was my new element to use this year ~ I didn't have ANY cash to put towards decorating, but I had $5 in my pocket and instead of a Starbucks I decided on the Candy Corn...let me tell you, it was a tough decision! ::

:: Schmoz of Things ::

:: Along with Fall has come so much stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Fun, fun, fun stuff...but it makes for a busy life and not too much time to sit and blog :: :: So hold on to your seats, I will be back with a bunch of things to keep you up to date as to what has been happening in our home ::

:: Anniversary ::

:: A couple weekends ago Paul and I shipped the kids off to my parents place for and we spent a weekend at home with out the kids celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary ~ It was a great weekend ::

:: We went to Ikea and leisurely shopped, talked and enjoyed child-free living ::
:: We toured around Stanley Park ::
:: We kissed ::

:: We took in the scenery - it was a beautiful day! ::
:: We rolled around in the leaves...and documented it - Ha! ::
:: We pondered what the future holds for us ::
:: We took deep breaths ::

:: We sat quietly for as long as we wanted ::
:: We daydreamed {okay, maybe this was just me} about living in an traditional colonial home one day ::
:: We went to see a movie ::

:: We drank coffee and took time for ourselves, just the two of us. It was amazing ::

:: Here's to another year, it may be full of challenges but as long as I'm with you, we'll make it through ::
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