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:: I love to decorate, I don't take much time to re-think my home as running around after two little ones and just keeping the house organized is enough of a job in itself! However that doesn't stop me from decorating at the end of September to welcome Fall indoors :: :: Here is a decor board I put together of all my Fall decor, hope you love it as much as I loved decorating ::

:: PS. Candy Corn was my new element to use this year ~ I didn't have ANY cash to put towards decorating, but I had $5 in my pocket and instead of a Starbucks I decided on the Candy Corn...let me tell you, it was a tough decision! ::


Christy said...

Wanna come over and decorate my house?

Lisa B. said...


The Samy's said...

Looks like Fall to me!

The Samy's said...
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splendid said...

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