:: Saturday Day ::

:: This is what I woke to at 5:45 am when our son decided to rise...oh happy day! At any rate there was more snow on the ground and trees ~ I love it! :: :: This is what the same tree looks like as of 10 minutes ago ~ Crazy hey!?!? We are just around the house this weekend, it is a strange occurrence around here as we usually have something on the schedule, but nope, not this weekend. So I am doing some closet organizing (aka :: Purging ~ but don't tell Paul). I hope to continue to do some scrapbooking tonight once the boys are down as I now have the bug again ( I had a night off last night, thanks to Paul and went over to Amanda's http://amandajoyfro.blogspot.com/ to scrap with her and had a blast ~ thanks M) ::

:: I hope you are enjoying the beautiful day and whoever you are surrounded by -- See you soon, or even sooner if I need to get on here to escape my reality of feeding, diapers and spit-up! ::


:: BFF ::

:: Me and my 1/2 Caff - we're Best Friends Forever......Especially today! Thank you Lord for coffee (as my Mom would say "it's my drug of choice" ha ha) ::

{ It's a Beaut }

{ My Aunty Marilyn (My Mom's Sister-in-Law) is a quilter and quite an exceptional one at that! Paul and I received our first quilt when we were married almost 6 years ago. It's beautiful ~ It's made up of greens and creams, just delightful! }

{ When Jacob was born he received this one - And I adore it! }
{ This style of quilt is called "rag time" and it's my favorite by far, it looks like someone has already loved it for ages, and yet it's brand new! }{ The beautiful thread detailing and appliques }{ And here is Cole's ~ It's blue, green and has a bit of yellow and it is by far a favorite of his! He loves to drown in the warmth of it. }

{ Jacob's had hearts and Cole's has stars - She takes pictures of each one so she can keep track of each quilt...see told you she was a pro! }

{ Thanks Aunty Marilyn for all your time and effort you put into our quilts ~ If our house were burning down, they would be one of the things I would grab, after of my children of course (wink wink) }

:: Josh 'N Laura ::

:: We had the pleasure of attending the union of Josh and Laura last weekend...snow and all! I was up early to go to Laura's Parent's place to do Laura's hair along with her sisters who were her Matron's of Honour - Here are the pictures from the day ::
:: Laura's Bouquet ::

:: Giving his last daughter away :::: Josh n' Laura - I don't know what it is about me but I like head-less photos :: :: Candle light :::: Becoming Mr. & Mrs. ::
:: Preparing to light the unity candle :::: Yee Haw - It's official - They are MARRIED!!! :::: Zee Rings :::: Zee Flowergirl ~ Isabella : :: Bride 'n Groom and their folks :::: Blushing Bride with her Sisters (Lisa on Left - Krista on Right )
:: Reception Shots @ Westwood Plateu ::

:: Favors ::
:: We had a super fun time @ our table...we had a group of couples who were just there to have fun ~ To say the least we were the "loud" table! It was a fabulous night! ::

:: Andre & Nadia ::
:: Centerpeice :::: Jordan, Amanda & Baby Fro ::
:: Details :::: Dave & Crystal ::
:: Happy Honeymooning in the Dominican Josh 'n Laura - We pray God's richest blessing on your union and your new life together! ::

:: My Fav's ::

:: Here are my favorite photo's from our shoot w/ Jamie Delaine. I adore the one with Cole and his teddy and the one with Jacob and his truck ~ They show their personalities so well! Love 'em! ::


:: Check out my boys ::

Thanks to Jamie of Jamie Delaine Photography for taking these awesome shots of my wee ones this morning

:: Egg-Cel-Ent! ::

:: While I was saying good-bye to Jamie & Lois my biggest boy was in the kitchen...this is what I walked into...to say the least I cracked up - get it I 'cracked' up!!! Ahhh ha ha ha. Okay, they were not on the plate, but they were all cracked ::

:: Good thing I had pulled out butter to make cookies with, I guess I'll be making a double batch! ::
:: After all was cleaned up, Jacob was up in bed and I was putting the milk away, this is what I found in place of the eggs that he grabbed...::

:: Nothing like a model sized Ford F150 in my fridge - Talk about a great parking spot! ::

:: Beautiful Day ::

:: Good morning all - we have a nice day planned out with a visit from Jamie Delaine Photography {Featured on my sidebar}, so I'm off to get ready for our time together :: :: Pray you have a very blessed day and enjoy the last bit of the snow ~ if you have any left! ::


:: Look @ those rosy cheeks! ::

:: 'nuf said ::

:: It's a SNOW day ::

:: We headed out into the snow early this morning as we had cancelled our appointment with our accountant due to the snow - What a great excuse eh!?!?! ::
:: Here are a few pictures of my boy's and their "sled" - leave 'em to their own and they turn a skim board into a sled...but they had fun! :: :: Here is Jacob playing around in the snow for pretty much the first time...up until today any snow we've had he didn't really know what to do. But today he knew what to do, he just went everywhere and adventurized! It was so fun to see him play and eat the snow ::
:: Here are some things around our house that are currently buried under the snow - How fun! ::

:: Old vs. New(ish) ::

:: I stumbled across this photo of our basement prior to us owning the house...just for comparison sake here is the old vs. new ::
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