:: Egg-Cel-Ent! ::

:: While I was saying good-bye to Jamie & Lois my biggest boy was in the kitchen...this is what I walked into...to say the least I cracked up - get it I 'cracked' up!!! Ahhh ha ha ha. Okay, they were not on the plate, but they were all cracked ::

:: Good thing I had pulled out butter to make cookies with, I guess I'll be making a double batch! ::
:: After all was cleaned up, Jacob was up in bed and I was putting the milk away, this is what I found in place of the eggs that he grabbed...::

:: Nothing like a model sized Ford F150 in my fridge - Talk about a great parking spot! ::


Jessi said...

That's too funny, our frige has the freezer on the bottom, so even if Halle wanted to, she couldn't reach anything, even with a stool. Silly Jacob! Do you think you have enough coffee mate???

Laura said...

so cute - love the truck in the fridge - maybe i'll find one in mine someday. right now, Autumn's favorite thing to do is to put her dolly in the microwave!

Shawna said...

ha ha ha - I knew someone would comment on that!

Paul likes his coffee flavored & creamy...I however most days keep mine black :)

Keri's Collage... said...

My first thought was also "Do you have enough coffee mate??"

Lisa B. said...

Then there is me who doesn't even notice the CoffeeMate....guess it's because I have four bottles in my own fridge!

That's what deal huntin' will get you in the good ol' USA - isn't that right, Loraine?!?!?

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