:: Saturday Day ::

:: This is what I woke to at 5:45 am when our son decided to rise...oh happy day! At any rate there was more snow on the ground and trees ~ I love it! :: :: This is what the same tree looks like as of 10 minutes ago ~ Crazy hey!?!? We are just around the house this weekend, it is a strange occurrence around here as we usually have something on the schedule, but nope, not this weekend. So I am doing some closet organizing (aka :: Purging ~ but don't tell Paul). I hope to continue to do some scrapbooking tonight once the boys are down as I now have the bug again ( I had a night off last night, thanks to Paul and went over to Amanda's http://amandajoyfro.blogspot.com/ to scrap with her and had a blast ~ thanks M) ::

:: I hope you are enjoying the beautiful day and whoever you are surrounded by -- See you soon, or even sooner if I need to get on here to escape my reality of feeding, diapers and spit-up! ::

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