:: Year 8 ::

:: Today marks the 8th year we have been married, has it really been 8 years!?!? It doesn't feel like it, however when I scan the years back in my mind, it does feel like it. In a good way though

:: Like many couples past the honeymoon stage, we've had many up's and downs, in's and out's {forgive the pun} and plenty more to look forward to ::

:: Paul is my man, he's mine and that's all that matters. I would never call him my prince, I have that place reserved in my heart for my Heavenly Father, however, he's my no. 1 next to Him. Paul knows me, sometimes better than I know myself. He's where I find home, and that's an amazing feeling ::

:: Today and always I love you...in the everydayness of life. I still love you, but it's because it's with you that makes it special ::

:: LoveYouBabe ::

:: We were downtown this past weekend to celebrate with a spa date, sleepover downtown, dinner out, shopping and some extra little surprises as well. But before we headed downtown we had a photo shoot with the terribly talented Miss. Jamie Delaine. You can see the photos she captured here on her blog - thanks again Auntie Jamie! You're fabulous! ::

Ps. I have so much to catch up on, it's a little overwhelming! But I will get to it eventually, so stay tuned!

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