:: Old Ways but New to Me ::

:: We've been up to our elbows {isn't that a funny word} in work around our home, and thus I've been scheduling my blog posts as to not let my blog get stagnant! I can't even tell you how many little {+ big} projects we have going on here {don't worry, you'll see all the details of them once they are completed} ::

:: As for right now I'm proud to be a more earth friendly girl, I am not over the top earth friendly but I do what I can within my means to help the earth out. Anyway, I finally {after asking for a few months} am the proud owner of a clothes line, you got it, and old fashioned clothes line & I love it! ::

:: We found all the hardware for it in
Wal-Mart in the States on Sunday {for aprox. $10.00} and as soon as we got home Paul set it up for me ::

:: If you live in BC we have been having one long heat wave and I am so thankful that I haven't had to have my dryer on all week! What a fabulous invention, who knew!?!?! ::

:: I didn't have a clothes line growing up but my grandparents did and I loved watching my Grandma Rosie pull in the line and talk to the birds while she folded the clothes. She was always one for the simple things and that is why I love her so much ::

:: Have a wonderfully beautifully not too hot day Lovelies, I'm off to start another rather large task, if I'm not back here tomorrow, call for help! ::

XO - *S ::


:: See new Gadget ::

:: Hey Lovelies, check out the new gadget on my sidebar, we're trying to choose where to stay in Las Vegas...Please help us out! ::

:: What Fun ::

{ Mother's Day May 2009 }

:: This is a shot I took of the boys on the golf putting green, before that fateful event unfolded, you remember the one...yeah, the one where my littlest big boy didn't run down the hill, didn't turn to distract me & then didn't go bolting into the pond fully clothed on Mother's Day and then handsome Paul didn't come out of the clubhouse to say "why did you let him do that?!?!?", you remember that event dontcha!?!?!? ::

:: Well this is a super cute shot of the boys prior to that NOT happening ::


:: T + B Wed ::

:: T + B were married in a beautiful little church right smack in the middle of Chilliwack, it was a beautiful day and everyone looked stunning! ::

:: Here is the bride walking towards her groom ::

:: The pew markers ::

:: The family praying for the nearly wed couple ::

:: It's official - they are now MR & MRS! ::

:: Starting their new life....what a delightful time! ::

:: Now on to the reception, welcoming MR & MRS! ::

:: Me and my lovely {Island Girl} Jenn ::

:: The atrium at Minter Gardens looked beautiful! ::

:: Handsome Paul, Tony & Jenn's other half Sean ::

:: Cutting the cake ::

:: Seating arrangement ::

:: Beautiful centerpieces ::

:: Tony didn't understand that on my camera you have to look through the viewfinder -- this is the lovely shot he took of me trying to explain it to him! ::

:: That's better; handsome Paul & me at the reception ::

:: My place setting ::

:: Congratulations T + B --- Welcome to the married club! It's a great place to be! Enjoy your honeymoon in Hawaii! ::

:: XO - P & S ::


:: Sneak Peek - T + B Wed ::

:: Here's a sneak peek of the cake I made for our friends Trent + Brittany this past weekend - all the details and more pictures to come tomorrow morning ::

:: I'm off to a committee meeting tonight and so I am going to tackle dinner early tonight, it's 30 degrees here and HOT - I love it but being a slave to my stove is the last place I want to be. Heck, I don't even want to be inside right now, but I better get organized or tonight will be a schmozle! ::

:: The Bachelorette Episode No. 3 ::

:: Last night was a little bit soap-operaish for me, I thought that girls were nasty, back stabbing and moody, oy vey! Last night showed a whole different side of the guys that I personally didn't really like! ::

:: Jillian started off on a one on one date with Ed and they got into a helicopter and landed on an LA building and repelled down to their love...well maybe not love but she didn't kick him to the curb so that was a good sign. It's evident that she is totally attracted to Ed, but has a few fears with his balance between work and play. I personally just think he's making hay while the sun shines because he doesn't have anyone to stop working early for, he's just working as hard as he can to build his nest egg so when he meets the "right one" he'll be set to go. J+E k-i-s-s-i-n-g a lot! ::

:: While back on the ranch, the guys receive a card from Jill and the following guys are invited to show Jill the "good the bad & the ugly" - Here are the guys invited to that date: Reid, Wes, Michael, Mike, Kiptyn {I'm keeping my eye on him}, Tanner F, Mark, Brad, Tanner P, Robby & Juan ::

:: Meanwhile, Jillian has a great opinion of Ed and chooses to give him a rose...his bags get moved into the mansion, that sets the guys in testosteronville on edge as they feel that if you don't get a one on one date you may just be on the way out...but soon that all changed ::

:: Now here comes the western train wreck. The group date guys head out to a western movie set and are turned into live actors, chaps and all! It truly was a bad bad scene, not only was there questionable scenes in the "movie" but the boys were not happy with their outfits and that certain guys got to kiss Jillian. My thought is don't worry guys you'll get your turn, but like I said earlier they were a little like soap opera stars! ::

:: Robby makes Jillian's knees weak, I don't blame her. But then there is Wes, I'm still not totally sold about what I think about him. My chump rating hasn't come into check yet with him. Wes pulls Jill aside and says that he wants a real kiss later...Jillian seems to like that idea just fine...hmmm ::

:: The Western Opera is a wrap and they head out to a private loft to have some down time..Reid steals Jill away and they have some really good conversation, and he's, going, in, for, the, K-I-S-S.....and JUAN shows up to ruin it all! Grrrrrrr! Juan is a nice guy, I'm still not sold on him either! ::

:: After the hot tub scene Robby & Jillian cuddle and the other guys watch from afar. She obviously likes him {I don't blame her!} and she dubs him the best kisser of the day. They kiss again, she then gets the rose and gives it to Robby {I totally agree with this!} ::

:: While back at testosteronville David gets passionate about how much he doesn't like Juan. I understand his passion, but he really just made himself look sketchy - I could personally handle David going home ::

:: Sasha gets picked to go on a one on one date so he packs his bags and gets ready for the date. In the meantime back at testosteronville Wes is writing a love song for Jillian. It's sweet but may be a little over the top. Can't blame him though, he's certainly pulling out all the stops! ::

:: Sasha & Jill head out to a car museum, they get a Ferrari to take a joy ride in and she's totally digging it...apparently she's a car girl {if you don't know this about me, I am too - just a little Shawna factoid for ya!} --- Things after the car ride go down hill fast. He hasn't been in a long term relationship and she's afraid that he hasn't had the life experience that she would like. It breaks her heart to do this but she doesn't give him a rose and sends him straight to LAX on a city bus! Jillian feels that he just wasn't right but doesn't want to hurt him, with that being said she has to start eliminating some of these guys that she doesn't have a huge connection with ::

:: Back at testosteronville the guys celebrate seeing Sasha's luggage leave...one less guy for competition. Jillian arrives home and immediately Wes heads over to her place and serenades her balcony, she comes out and listens, cries and is obviously touched by his song. She asks him to come up to the balcony -he does, they kiss and he sings the song again for her ::

:: Cocktail party begins prior to the rose ceremony and Reid gets right on in there and sneaks a kiss with Jillian...she swoons and it's certainly a romantic moment. Now the next few minutes of the show are an eruption of emotions, David is clingy and creepy and tries to tell Jill that there are guys that are there for the wrong reasons, just as Juan interrupts to teach Jillian spanish, he still kinda annoys me. Jillian still likes the gentleman that he is. Hmph ::

:: Tanner P gets some time with Jilltoes I mean Jillian --- he is seriously obsessed with her toes, he wants to suck them...I don't get it and it totally CREEPS me out! Not quite clear what Jillian thinks yet, because she said that she is just starting to get to know him - 0y! ::

:: Kiptyn and Jillian get their kiss on, it's good, they are good together. While this is happening David and his gang are trashing Juan. It's a bad scene and a tense one at that. Then all the guys get gathered in the main room ready for the rose ceremony...Ed & Robby are already save with their roses. So she gives the remaining roses to the following guys: Jake, Reid, Mark, Jesse, Tanner P, Wes, Juan, Michael, Kiptyn, Mike & David. So the two guys sent home are Tanner F & Brad. Brad is bitter and feels she made the wrong choice. Oh well ::

:: At the end of the show we get a preview of next weeks show: VANCOUVER! I can't wait to see what they do and where they go, it's gonna get good! ::


:: Reality TV Nite ::

:: Not only is today Jacob's Birthday, but it's also Reality TV nite around my place, we have plans for celebrating Jacob & then swiftly tucking him into bed so I can sit and watch my two shows of addiction, I mean choice. I actually don't really like J&K+8 but I'm too nosy to not watch! ::

:: And then there is the beautiful bachelorette that I HAVE to watch because I'm supporting a greater cause, a local BC girl showing all of North America that we make real good girls out here! ::

:: Happy watching everyone & tune in tomorrow morning {around 9:00 am} for a recap from Episode 3 of the Bachelorette ::

:: Happy Birthday My Jacob ::

:: Today is my sweet little big boys birthday & he's THREE! Where the heck did that time go??? It's amazing how everyone says that but until you live it, you really cannot truly see how fast life passes you and how everything happens SO quickly ::

{ Photo: Jacob @ Waterpark - May 2009 }

:: We woke Jacob up this morning with a wrapped box of cereal, not just any cereal but "sugar cereal" - something that is a rather rare treat in this house and so on the morning of each of their birthdays they get their own box of "sugar cereal". Jacob thought it was great, but then he tasted it and wasn't too sure about it! Go figure! ::

:: HAPPY BIRTHDAY my precious train loving boy - Daddy, Mama & Cole love you and your delightful spirit more and more each day! ::

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