:: The Bachelorette Episode No. 3 ::

:: Last night was a little bit soap-operaish for me, I thought that girls were nasty, back stabbing and moody, oy vey! Last night showed a whole different side of the guys that I personally didn't really like! ::

:: Jillian started off on a one on one date with Ed and they got into a helicopter and landed on an LA building and repelled down to their love...well maybe not love but she didn't kick him to the curb so that was a good sign. It's evident that she is totally attracted to Ed, but has a few fears with his balance between work and play. I personally just think he's making hay while the sun shines because he doesn't have anyone to stop working early for, he's just working as hard as he can to build his nest egg so when he meets the "right one" he'll be set to go. J+E k-i-s-s-i-n-g a lot! ::

:: While back on the ranch, the guys receive a card from Jill and the following guys are invited to show Jill the "good the bad & the ugly" - Here are the guys invited to that date: Reid, Wes, Michael, Mike, Kiptyn {I'm keeping my eye on him}, Tanner F, Mark, Brad, Tanner P, Robby & Juan ::

:: Meanwhile, Jillian has a great opinion of Ed and chooses to give him a rose...his bags get moved into the mansion, that sets the guys in testosteronville on edge as they feel that if you don't get a one on one date you may just be on the way out...but soon that all changed ::

:: Now here comes the western train wreck. The group date guys head out to a western movie set and are turned into live actors, chaps and all! It truly was a bad bad scene, not only was there questionable scenes in the "movie" but the boys were not happy with their outfits and that certain guys got to kiss Jillian. My thought is don't worry guys you'll get your turn, but like I said earlier they were a little like soap opera stars! ::

:: Robby makes Jillian's knees weak, I don't blame her. But then there is Wes, I'm still not totally sold about what I think about him. My chump rating hasn't come into check yet with him. Wes pulls Jill aside and says that he wants a real kiss later...Jillian seems to like that idea just fine...hmmm ::

:: The Western Opera is a wrap and they head out to a private loft to have some down time..Reid steals Jill away and they have some really good conversation, and he's, going, in, for, the, K-I-S-S.....and JUAN shows up to ruin it all! Grrrrrrr! Juan is a nice guy, I'm still not sold on him either! ::

:: After the hot tub scene Robby & Jillian cuddle and the other guys watch from afar. She obviously likes him {I don't blame her!} and she dubs him the best kisser of the day. They kiss again, she then gets the rose and gives it to Robby {I totally agree with this!} ::

:: While back at testosteronville David gets passionate about how much he doesn't like Juan. I understand his passion, but he really just made himself look sketchy - I could personally handle David going home ::

:: Sasha gets picked to go on a one on one date so he packs his bags and gets ready for the date. In the meantime back at testosteronville Wes is writing a love song for Jillian. It's sweet but may be a little over the top. Can't blame him though, he's certainly pulling out all the stops! ::

:: Sasha & Jill head out to a car museum, they get a Ferrari to take a joy ride in and she's totally digging it...apparently she's a car girl {if you don't know this about me, I am too - just a little Shawna factoid for ya!} --- Things after the car ride go down hill fast. He hasn't been in a long term relationship and she's afraid that he hasn't had the life experience that she would like. It breaks her heart to do this but she doesn't give him a rose and sends him straight to LAX on a city bus! Jillian feels that he just wasn't right but doesn't want to hurt him, with that being said she has to start eliminating some of these guys that she doesn't have a huge connection with ::

:: Back at testosteronville the guys celebrate seeing Sasha's luggage leave...one less guy for competition. Jillian arrives home and immediately Wes heads over to her place and serenades her balcony, she comes out and listens, cries and is obviously touched by his song. She asks him to come up to the balcony -he does, they kiss and he sings the song again for her ::

:: Cocktail party begins prior to the rose ceremony and Reid gets right on in there and sneaks a kiss with Jillian...she swoons and it's certainly a romantic moment. Now the next few minutes of the show are an eruption of emotions, David is clingy and creepy and tries to tell Jill that there are guys that are there for the wrong reasons, just as Juan interrupts to teach Jillian spanish, he still kinda annoys me. Jillian still likes the gentleman that he is. Hmph ::

:: Tanner P gets some time with Jilltoes I mean Jillian --- he is seriously obsessed with her toes, he wants to suck them...I don't get it and it totally CREEPS me out! Not quite clear what Jillian thinks yet, because she said that she is just starting to get to know him - 0y! ::

:: Kiptyn and Jillian get their kiss on, it's good, they are good together. While this is happening David and his gang are trashing Juan. It's a bad scene and a tense one at that. Then all the guys get gathered in the main room ready for the rose ceremony...Ed & Robby are already save with their roses. So she gives the remaining roses to the following guys: Jake, Reid, Mark, Jesse, Tanner P, Wes, Juan, Michael, Kiptyn, Mike & David. So the two guys sent home are Tanner F & Brad. Brad is bitter and feels she made the wrong choice. Oh well ::

:: At the end of the show we get a preview of next weeks show: VANCOUVER! I can't wait to see what they do and where they go, it's gonna get good! ::


Lisa said...

9am on the dot - you crack me up! Great re-cap, friend! Yes, Tanner P totally creeps me out! I think both Juan and Dave need to go home! Dave has anger issues... and maybe a drinking problem!?! Juan just rubs me the wrong way and yes, says what Jillian wants to hear - seems fake to me. I like Reid but he needs to step it up a bit to stay in the game! Vancouver here they come!

Nadine said...

What a bunch of seventh grade girls those boys were last night! Dave has some issues and I hope that Jillian sees it soon, which I think she might from the previews for next week. Juan is a smooth talker and I'm not crazy about Wes, he just rubs me the wrong way.

Tanner P is one strange amigo. I don't get the fetish with feet.

I love how Jake stands up in the preview about the guys with girlfriends. But then I like Jake!

Thanks for keeping us all connected, Shawna. Your recaps are so much fun!

Crystal said...

Well, I basically agree with everything being said..Dave, Juan, Tanner Foot freak and wes..you all need to go home to your mama's!

Jake, Kiptan and Robby are my favorites;) I wonder if Robby is a little young for her...but he is so stinkin cute and sweet!

Well, it looks like there is going to be more drama in vancouver next week as the whole "who has a girlfriend thing" comes up! should be interesting!! Thanks for the fun recap shawna!

Lisa B. said...

Super recap of the "Days of Their Lives - Bachelorette Style"!!!

First and foremost, Tanner P. ,the creepy foot fetish guy, needs to get kicked to the curb - I don't think words express how creepy he is. When he was talking about all the things he wants to do with her feet I was almost crawling out of my skin!

Dave needs therapy for a number of things and Wes just annoys me...he's playing the game well but he's not for her....I think he's there to promote his music. And, can someone tell him to learn a new song, he keeps singing the same line over and over again.

My faves right now are Ed, Kiptyn, Jake & Robbie....but who knows what may happen after next week.

I have to say the preview was great - especially when she turned from Dave as he went in for a kiss - you know he's not going to like that. I love that they shoot in Vancouver and I think it will be great to see how much of the city they explore.

Can't wait for next Monday night!

Jennifer Fisher said...

okay so Dave's anger issues are getting crazy, brother you need to relax. Juan isn't as bad as Dave is making him out to be. I'd be more "worried" about Wes then Juan. That Wes has crazy stalker written all over him. And Tanner P(ervet) Don't even get me started. That guy is gay and doesn't know it yet. He's just projecting it onto Feet.
Jake Jake Jake all the way. He's the best one there by far.
Until next week ladies!

Laura said...

Even though he wasn't on the show much last night, I'm still fully pulling for Jake. I was happy he got the first rose! I think that means something :) Although I think Jillian is liking Ed, Kiptyn and Robbie too.
There are some quieter guys who need to step it up if they want to get noticed!
I was so mad when she gave the last rose to Dave! He has serious anger issues, and I've had enough of his arrogance, that's for sure! And the feet thing with Tanner... I thought Jill would've seen the light by now. Maybe next week.
Vancouver will be great! I too was proud of our boy Jake for standing up about the guy(s) there with girlfriend(s), and I'm interested to find out who it is!

Ben and Kare said...

LOVING the Bachelorette updates, Shawna!! Wishing that this side of the world would hurry and catch up to reality television...I may actually cave and buy a 'Bachelorette Box Set' one of these days!!

Your boys are as cute as ever...hope you and Paul are well!
xoxo Karalee

Tawn said...

OK ... so I LOVED the date with ED. Does anyone else think that he looks like Denny, Izzy's dead boyfriend on Greys??? So, I love Ed ... I think he's super relaxed and I thought very real at the free-fall date ... I still like Jake - just didn't see him much. And Kipton? Um - I think he's the one she gets into the most when she kisses ...

Tanner ... go home. You scare me. Wes ... go home faster - and learn to play a new song. It's not a number one hit ... Dave. You need help ... and perhaps a stay at Betty Ford as you perpetually have a drink in your hand.

My tops: Ed, Jake & Kipton.

We shall seeeeeee ...

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