:: Old Ways but New to Me ::

:: We've been up to our elbows {isn't that a funny word} in work around our home, and thus I've been scheduling my blog posts as to not let my blog get stagnant! I can't even tell you how many little {+ big} projects we have going on here {don't worry, you'll see all the details of them once they are completed} ::

:: As for right now I'm proud to be a more earth friendly girl, I am not over the top earth friendly but I do what I can within my means to help the earth out. Anyway, I finally {after asking for a few months} am the proud owner of a clothes line, you got it, and old fashioned clothes line & I love it! ::

:: We found all the hardware for it in
Wal-Mart in the States on Sunday {for aprox. $10.00} and as soon as we got home Paul set it up for me ::

:: If you live in BC we have been having one long heat wave and I am so thankful that I haven't had to have my dryer on all week! What a fabulous invention, who knew!?!?! ::

:: I didn't have a clothes line growing up but my grandparents did and I loved watching my Grandma Rosie pull in the line and talk to the birds while she folded the clothes. She was always one for the simple things and that is why I love her so much ::

:: Have a wonderfully beautifully not too hot day Lovelies, I'm off to start another rather large task, if I'm not back here tomorrow, call for help! ::

XO - *S ::


Nadine said...

I like the clothes line! Aren't they just great? My grandma used to have one too, she would sing (she sings all the time) while she was doing her laundry. Ahh, childhood memories!

Enjoy your earth friendly system!

Jessi said...

I didn't grow up with one either, but when we moved in to our house, 3 years ago, I asked Dean to put one up and it's been fabulous...although there are just some things that should never be put up like skivies...because who wants to wear stiff scratchie skivies? I love making the kids beds with freshly sun dried sheets, Halle tells me they smell like vacation! I have to agree!

susan said...

I did grow up with my mom drying our clothes on the line. My mom managed to kill a bird with her clothes line...so be careful, it was pretty gross!
I wasn't a huge fan of crispy towels & our neighbors seeing our underware as a kid but now as a mom I can see the money saving aspect of it & not putting my dryer on. Who knew my mom was so "Earthy" way back when! :-)

There is a house down the street that always has clothes on the line, I think they come in frozen sometimes but maybe she's trying to WILL it to be sunny! Who knows, it's kind of funny though.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I want a clothesline so bad - I will have to check out the Walmart. Mine is going to have to be right in the middle of the garden but anything to not turn on the dryer when it is 98 out! LOVELY PHOTOS!!!

swell news said...

I love that your grandma's name is Rosie!

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