:: The Bachelorette Episode No. 4 ::

:: Last night all the guys headed to Vancouver and stayed in one of the loveliest hotels here - the infamous Fairmont Vancouver Hotel. They had a glorious suite ::

:: Jillian welcomed them and had a glass of champagne with them to welcome them to Vancouver, left an envelope and exited the suite. The card was for a one on one date w/ Kiptyn. The card says "let's cook up some love, Vancouver Style" - aka: Market fresh, and Granville market was where they started out. It's one of my favorite places to go on a date too! ::

:: They have great chemistry {surprise!} and really enjoy each others company...Kiptyn gets a rose. He's happy, she's on cloud no. 9 and all is good! ::

:: While back at Vancouver Testosteroneville - the guys receive an envelope that has group date written all over it....they open it and yup, there it is a group date for: Jesse, Tanner, Jake, Robby, Ed, Wes, Michael, Reid, Juan & David...so left behind is Mark & Mike --- Bets are on that Mark will go, that's what I thought too ::

:: The group date comes around and Jillian takes them all curling and it's a real competition, the reds against the blues. And the winning team gets to spend the evening with Jillian! Bring it on says the boys, well in the end the red team wins and they head off to the harbour with Jill. On the boat Jake steals some alone time with Jill and it was worth the investment, she needed to hear from him. David also stole some alone time and tried to plant a kiss on Jill. She turned and he then accused her of not wanting to kiss him. Duh! What would give you that idea!?!?? He's mad and says that it's just a challenge to get her to kiss him. Yuk. ::

:: Jillian ends the date by giving Jesse the rose, he's delighted the other guys are picked...perfect planning on the producers part ;) ::

:: The next day the two on one date starts with Mike & Mark, they arrive at Stanley Park and get onto the polo field where there is a helicopter waiting by, of course there is, isn't there always a landing pad in the middle of the polo field?!?!! They take off taking in the sights of the city, it's a phenomenal sight! Then they head up to the top of a local mountain {Grouse} and dine together, all three of them. Mike is trying to pull out all the stops and ignore that Mark is there with them. Mark gets some alone time with Jillian and really opens up, I guess it worked because she gave Mark the rose & Mike headed down on the gondola ::

:: So now we have Kiptyn, Jesse & Mark with roses --- but then everything gets smashed to smithereens, Tanner in some alone time with the camera says that someone has a girlfriend at home. Word gets to Jill {shocker!} and she puts the cocktail hour on hold until someone bucks up and says that they have a girl at home. No one does, so Jillian leaves with Chris. They talk about the situation and the guys she likes, then she returns to the suite to see if the guy/guys have come to their senses. Nope. So she leaves again and contemplates who to keep and who to ditch ::

:: She comes back in and gives roses to Reid, Robby, Ed, Michael, Wes, Jake, Tanner. So sent home is David {wow, big surprise!} & Juan - But don't forget that Mike was kicked of the mountain earlier ::

:: Next week they all head up to Whistler for a little R & R - it'll be good...but I'm still not really "sold" on anyone of them in particular. But I do like Kiptyn, he's not too pretty, he lives in Cali and seems level headed --- What do you think??? ::

:: I guess we shall see! ::

:: I'm off to go for my walk this morning, then do some gardening, it's beautiful here! ::

:: Happy Tuesday Ya'll ::


Tawn said...

WOW ... I'm the first??? Ok ... should be watching the reno men - but thought I'd comment here first *wink* ... David made my stomach turn, happy to see the back end of him.

Loved the date with Kipton ... was praying he wasn't the slimeball with a g-friend. And Jake - well - he's not really my type ... I'm more of a fan of Eddie. Ok. MUCH more of a fan of Eddie.

My hubby and I watch this together and he looked at me last night and said, 'You and I have much different taste in men.' And then we LAUGHED. Good thing I do, I guess ... maybe he wouldn't have chosen HIM *ha!!*.

SOOOO - my thought is that Tanner has been kept so Jill can get more info - no other reason. He'll get the boot once she gets the info. Wes makes my skin crawl. Can't WAIT for him to go BUH BYE.

My choices? EDDIE. Then Kipton. Then Jake. And I don't mind Reid.

Phewf ... back to the renos!!

susan said...

There is something about Ed that I really like too. And Reid in glasses...so cute!

Wes has to go & I don't know why the guys don't tell Jill what a slime ball he is when he's not around her - or so they all seem to think.

David was disgusting - his language, his cockiness, his everything - ew! So glad he is gone!

I thought it was good of Tanner to say something but didn't like how he was talking to 2 other guys who agreed with him but then kind of left him out to dry when it came down to being honest with Jillian. It's not like he's the only one who thinks Wes is no good, why doesn't anyone else speak up. I think IF they really cared for her they'd say something!!

It's cool that they are in Vancouver - it is so beautiful!!

Chris said...

It probably wasn't a cover up at all I think it is just a dress , they had a short sleeve brown dress it will work so well ,so many Joe pieces I could use, and one stop shopping too .

Joanne said...

I'm so glad for the update....we missed the show last night. Wish I had ssen it...love to see Vancouver on tv...it looks so gorgeous. Glad she got rid of two loser guys, so far she is doing a good job of weeding out the sheep and goats.

Crystal said...

Well, I am glad that Dave is gone because I was going to rename him soon..as he doesn't deserve that name:*grin*!

Bari said...

I don't know Shawna, I am having trouble with all of these guys. Usually by now I have a front runner or two but they are all getting on my nerves. Dave was THE WORST but there isn't one that I really like all that much. Worse yet, lately I can't even deal with Jillian! Its so sad! Maybe its because I'm 9 mos pregnant (ha) but man, It was almost painful for me to watch this episode.

jamiedelaine said...

Gosh, I HATED DAVE. So glad he's gone. Yuck is right.

My favourites:

Kipton: cute, real, their date in Van. was fun.

Reid: I really like guys with glasses. Always have. He seems booksmart and down to earth.

Mark: don't know much about him, but he seems sweet.

Michael: he's CUUUUUUUUTEEEE. I loved that moment at the curling rink last night where he just hugged her. He's a sweetie.

Yup. :) I feel bad for Jake... he's so sweet and "perfect" but no spark. He'll be gone soon.

Laura said...

I felt bad for Jillian last night. How awful to know that you could be keeping a creep around while sending other good guys home! Poor girl. But she made good choices last night, especially the one to send Dave home! I don't think I could've watched another night of that guy.
I thought Jake would maybe go... my mom, sister and I were sad because we all have little TV-crushes on him... but I'm not sure Jillian is feeling him. Maybe she feels like she can't be herself or make mistakes around him?
The date with Kiptyn was great, very natural and lots of chemistry. What a place she has! wow!
Next week looks like more drama... my take on it is that someone fesses up about Wes and she sends him home... and it hurts her because she really did have feelings for him. Even though we can see through his charm, I think she's been taken with it!
Tanner isn't so creepy when there's no feet in sight to obsess over, but I don't think he's the one for her. And Michael isn't mature enough, I think. She wants someone fun, but also with depth and maturity.
I think she has some good guys to chose from!

Nadine said...

I'm loving Michael, he's just too cute! I thought that his hug at the curling rink was a great way for him to get some time with her.

My hubby keeps my emotions in check, when I get all "aww, that poor guy", he comes back with, "he's just playing with your heart strings". HAHA Such a good thing to watch this show with my man.

Reid . . . LOVE the glasses!

Kiptyn . . cute and there is definately passion with him but I wonder if there is more.

Jake . . sorry to say but I think he'll be going soon.

Ed . . this guy is pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE JAKE!!!... that is all I have to say :P

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