:: On to the next...::

:: Book! ::

:: I couldn't help myself but start reading another book, maybe it will get me inspired to read my bible more...I have to say the more I read (doesn't matter what, just when I take time to sit and read) I find myself reading my bible more too. So it's not soooo bad, it's just hard to reach for my bible over my book! ::
:: I'll keep you updated on how this one is - I'm sure it will be outstanding as it's one of Francine Rivers, but sometimes you never know! ::


:: Update on the days of our lives ::

:: Happy Summer Days! :::: Last Monday, the day after my Mom's birthday we went out to White Rock and met my Nanny, Aunty Terri & Rodger for lunch at Milestones to celebrate her birthday - It was beautiful and warm...the perfect excuse to be on the patio! ::
:: Here is my Mom & Nanny along with Jacob as well as the yummy dessert we shared, it was Key Lime Pie *Yum Yum* ::

:: On Saturday (prior to heading to the beach for the day) Paul decided that he was going to thatch our lawn - our lawn was nice and green but only because of all the moss that had grown over the past 5+ years from lack of care...so here is what it looked like, now we really need to do something about the lawn! It's quite the eyesore! ::
:: After doing a bunch of work around the house we headed to the beach and met our friends Michael & Coby there with their littlest one Kylee...it was a very relaxing afternoon followed by Chinese food on the beach and a nice walk ~ We had a great time guys, thanks for joining us! ::

:: Last Tuesday when I thought that I was going to melt even when I was in the shade, Jacob and I decided to head back to the water park for the day (we met up with Lisa & the girls there)...why be at home when you can be near water!!!! Then we (as in Lisa & I) decided that there was no way we were going to be cooking in this weather, so we went home gathered up things for a BBQ and headed back to the park to enjoy the shade of the trees! It was wonderful! ::

:: Miss Madelyne talking to Uncle Paul - such a cute little belly (wish mine was as cute when I stick it out!) ::
:: Other than all of the above, I have been consumed in this book. It took me longer to read then I usually take (about 2.5 weeks) but for the last 3 days I could barely put it down! Now I am finished it so I will go onto the next book that my Grams gave me on Sunday ::

:: I highly recommend this book - it challenged my relationship with Christ (even though it's fiction). The author is amazing. Let me know if you want to borrow it, it's here on the shelf until I get bored and don't have anything better to read! ::
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