:: Update on the days of our lives ::

:: Happy Summer Days! :::: Last Monday, the day after my Mom's birthday we went out to White Rock and met my Nanny, Aunty Terri & Rodger for lunch at Milestones to celebrate her birthday - It was beautiful and warm...the perfect excuse to be on the patio! ::
:: Here is my Mom & Nanny along with Jacob as well as the yummy dessert we shared, it was Key Lime Pie *Yum Yum* ::

:: On Saturday (prior to heading to the beach for the day) Paul decided that he was going to thatch our lawn - our lawn was nice and green but only because of all the moss that had grown over the past 5+ years from lack of care...so here is what it looked like, now we really need to do something about the lawn! It's quite the eyesore! ::
:: After doing a bunch of work around the house we headed to the beach and met our friends Michael & Coby there with their littlest one Kylee...it was a very relaxing afternoon followed by Chinese food on the beach and a nice walk ~ We had a great time guys, thanks for joining us! ::

:: Last Tuesday when I thought that I was going to melt even when I was in the shade, Jacob and I decided to head back to the water park for the day (we met up with Lisa & the girls there)...why be at home when you can be near water!!!! Then we (as in Lisa & I) decided that there was no way we were going to be cooking in this weather, so we went home gathered up things for a BBQ and headed back to the park to enjoy the shade of the trees! It was wonderful! ::

:: Miss Madelyne talking to Uncle Paul - such a cute little belly (wish mine was as cute when I stick it out!) ::
:: Other than all of the above, I have been consumed in this book. It took me longer to read then I usually take (about 2.5 weeks) but for the last 3 days I could barely put it down! Now I am finished it so I will go onto the next book that my Grams gave me on Sunday ::

:: I highly recommend this book - it challenged my relationship with Christ (even though it's fiction). The author is amazing. Let me know if you want to borrow it, it's here on the shelf until I get bored and don't have anything better to read! ::


Charlene Witt said...

I LOVE Francine Rivers!!!!! I would love to borrow the book, I am not as fast a reader as I used to be, too many things on the go, however; I do know that once I start one of her books I cannot put it down. I am sure my kids can fend for themselves for a few days, you can't starve in 48 hours can you? :-) lol

Looks like you are really enjoying your summer. BC is the best place to live when the sun shines and the days are long!

Jennifer said...

I have read all the francine rivers books and really enjoyed them. I have never seen that one though....
Looks like Jacob is doing ok in his Crocs?!

Nickie said...

I love that book and Francine Rivers! Her best book is Redeeming Love. Have you read that one yet? I warn you - you will not be able to put it down either! When I got it I pretty much went two nights with very little sleep (stayed up until 3am, and 5am reading) finished it on a Saturday afternoon and then crashed! But it was SO GOOD! A must read!

Shawna said...

Yes, I have read Redeeming Love - that was the first book she wrote after she became a Christian...and you sure can tell! I think I have read it 3 times over the last 4 years. It's so good you can't help but read it again!

Jennifer: Jacob is doing very well in his little crocs - I think he really likes them, I found him pulling them off his shoe shelf and trying to put them on yesterday!

Shawna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shawna said...

Charlene, the book is all yours...I'll bring it by and drop it on your doorstep :)

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