:: In the news today ::

:: I can't sleep. I have a semi-truck living on my face. I need the drugs to kick in. They are not working so I'm watching "slice" tv and blogging ::

:: What else would a mother of two small children do when she can't sleep @ 4:45 am? ::

:: Jacob is sick as well, cold & a fever. Fabulous ::

:: I thought he was on the mend yesterday then it all went down hill. Rash, fever (again), then puking. Poor little man, poor Me & Paul. Not the best way to kick off the long weekend! ::

:: Jacob did help me plant some of these seeds yesterday - they are perennials so hopefully they stick and return strong every year, that would be such a treat! ::

:: As I was sitting down to blog this I saw this headline "Shania to split from husband"::

:: Is it just me or do y'all get upset when people in the public/famous eye get separated? I was so sad when Brad & Jen separated. I feel for people in the media, I have a hard enough time working on my relationship let alone having some crazy paparazzi following me around just waiting for me to slip up on some level ::

:: The headlines would be quite catchy if I were in the media "Shawna just can't shake the weight...No matter how much her butt shakes!" / "Shawna caught speeding again!" / "Where are Shawna's kids, who is raising them now?" / "Shawna's heading down to the States to go SHOPPING again" / "Shawna's yelling at her kids in the car, while speeding" / "Shawna locks husband out of house with kids inside and refuses to come home"

* * * It all has to do with interpretation * * *

No comment of me eating salad and cutting back on sweets / Kay well I'm guilty for speeding, but who isn't? / My kids are babysat, a couple times a week, it wouldn't be healthy for me and my relationship with Paul if they weren't / Yes, I shop in the States, but I don't "like" shopping, I have to shop - I have a family, duh!?!!? / I sing in the car, often, loudly. I'm not yelling / Yes, I locked my hubby out of the house with the kids inside, but not on purpose!

See what I mean, it's all up for interpretation. I feel for the stars who just want a "normal" life, to love and be loved. I pray for them - I really do feel bad for them and their marriages which get put through the paparazzi gauntlet at every turn ::

:: Okay, that's enough...I'm going back to the couch. Have a great Saturday everyone...I'm hoping to get some sun, It's supposed to be amazing out!::


:: Sunshine! ::

:: It's beautiful here today and I have a beautifully long list of things on my to-do list ::

:: Yesterday I took care of my friend Lisa. B's babe for the morning then went and picked up her older sister @ Pre-school and ended up staying @ their place for the afternoon enjoying the sunshine and friendship. Then we invited ourselves over for dinner too...once you're friends with us you can't get rid of us! ::

:: These are shots I took of Emma yesterday morning...she just looked too darn cute in her little dress, I couldn't resist! :::: Here are the kidlets playing in the water table, oh boy what fun it was - playing with water for the first time this season and having the sun on the shoulders...really I don't think anything feels better! ::
:: Well I'm taking care of sweet Cooper for my cousin this morning and still tending to a fever that Jacob just can't get rid of. I have an appointment to do a lovely ladies hair for her prom tonight, that is at noon and between all that I want to try and accomplish this list of things:

* Pay bills (that's a good thing every once in a while)

* Send out Jacob's birthday invites

* Empty the dishwasher

* Do the laundry

* Vacuum the bedrooms

* Wipe down the washrooms

* Run to the bank

.....hmmm ~ I think that's it, but I'm sure it will keep me hoppin'!

:: I too am nursing a head cold, so hopefully the sunshine will clear my head by the end of the day. Have a great one y'all and thanks for all of the comments regarding the cake, I am mulling over the idea of a business...we'll see what comes of it ::

:: Be Blessed ::


:: Cake Time ::

:: Last night I helped my Mom host a shower for my dear friend Amanda and the newest addition to their family, Makena Joy ::
:: Making cakes is such a fun hobby for me. I searched for weeks to find different ideas for Makena's cake ::
:: I found dozens of cakes that I could copy, but I ended up taking different aspects from a bunch of cakes to come up with this one - I was basing my colour scheme off of the napkins that my Mom had already purchased ::
:: Here is the result :: :: It was dutch chocolate marbled with plain vanilla and the filling was chocolate butter cream ::
:: I decided that I wanted to attempt making my own fondant...So as I watched the bachelor on Monday night I started making my marshmallow fondant ::
:: It was super easy to make, tasted so much better than traditional fondant and was amazing to work with. In every aspect I found it better. Plus I spent a 1/4 of the price on making it vs. buying it - How great is that!?!?!? ::
:: If you would like to have the recipe for the fondant please leave me a comment and I will send it on over to you ::
:: Now I need to decide what I'm going to do for Jacob's 2nd Birthday Cake - What a fun creative outlet! ::
:: FYI - I would say that this cake took 3 hours to create from baking, icing, setting, coloring the fondant, rolling the fondant, placing the fondant, piping and decorating with fondant circles & flowers ::
* * *
Thanks ladies for your compliments - it really is so much fun to do it!
I am more than willing to bake & decorate a specialty cake as it is such fun for me. So feel free to pass on my info if it is desired.

Maybe you're right Lois, I might just have a business in the making..I would love to own a little patisserie (think fabulous coffee, white little shop with amazing cakes that only women would really understand)

Rachel I will be sending the recipe over to you asap ;)
Thanks again ladies I can't wait to get going on Jacob's cake...do you think it's too early to start?
fyi - it even tasted good as Paul finished a 1/4 of the bottom layer tonight as there was some left over from the shower...Sometimes you wonder if the cake looks good on the outside is it going to be nice moist good tasting cake? I guess it is...He said "I take the cake" get it ah ha ha ha I says "you've got to say that you're married to me!"

:: Life Women Conference ::

:: I had a great weekend with Rhonda & Lisa @ the Life Women's Conference - we took time away from the "everydayness" of our lives and took a deep breath to refresh our minds and hearts :: :: Thanks girls for such a great weekend. It was one I will remember, that is for sure! Let's plan to wear our "conference jeans" to our next girls night out -- don't we have one of those coming up soon? ::
:: sorry the pictures are so crappy - I really need a camera bad! ::

:: 6 Months ::

:: I can't believe it was 6.5 months ago that we welcomed you into our lives. Our sweet Cole ::
:: You have been a delight, a pleasure, an added treasure to our family. You are worth the bags under my eyes. Well worth it ::
:: However I love you more now that you are sleeping at night, no I should re-phrase that...now that I am sleeping at night (kidding, I don't really love him more I just have more patience to love him, you understand and if you don't, you will some day) ::
:: At any rate, my little love you are growing up far too fast. Crawling, standing, yelling at your brother for coming too close, you are turing into a big boy right before our eyes! ::
:: We love you ::
:: Picture courtesy of Paul and his wonderful eye while I was bathing our little water baby in the kitchen sink ::

:: Happy Mother's Day! ::

:: I had a great Mother's Day, we went to church and then off to Fort Langley for brunch with my Mom, Dad, Brother & SIL, then we stopped by to say a quick hello to my Grandma and then off to meet Paul's Mum, Dad, Nanny & Papa for coffee in Fleetwood. After all of that we came home and rested for a while then went over to M&L's for a wonderful dinner :: :: Happy Mother's Day Mom & Mum ~ I hope you felt loved and blessed by your children & grandchildren on Mother's Day. I know I did! ::
:: The boys bought me two hanging baskets, my Mom brought me some white orchids (one of my fav's) along with a Beth Moore devotional book, my Mother in Law gave me a personalized Starbucks card and a sampling of some tea from the Tea House. Paul bought me a subscription to "Coastal Living" which is one of my favorite Magazines ::
:: Side Note: Because I want some bedding plants I returned one of my hanging baskets and picked up some bedding plants. I'm looking forward to this rain stopping and planting those in our garden this weekend ::
:: While we were at brunch my little big boy was getting rambunctous so we headed outside so he could run around. He found this little putting green and went crazy over the little flags....I think he thought they were made just for him to play with. Ain't he cute!?!?! ::

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