:: Sunshine! ::

:: It's beautiful here today and I have a beautifully long list of things on my to-do list ::

:: Yesterday I took care of my friend Lisa. B's babe for the morning then went and picked up her older sister @ Pre-school and ended up staying @ their place for the afternoon enjoying the sunshine and friendship. Then we invited ourselves over for dinner too...once you're friends with us you can't get rid of us! ::

:: These are shots I took of Emma yesterday morning...she just looked too darn cute in her little dress, I couldn't resist! :::: Here are the kidlets playing in the water table, oh boy what fun it was - playing with water for the first time this season and having the sun on the shoulders...really I don't think anything feels better! ::
:: Well I'm taking care of sweet Cooper for my cousin this morning and still tending to a fever that Jacob just can't get rid of. I have an appointment to do a lovely ladies hair for her prom tonight, that is at noon and between all that I want to try and accomplish this list of things:

* Pay bills (that's a good thing every once in a while)

* Send out Jacob's birthday invites

* Empty the dishwasher

* Do the laundry

* Vacuum the bedrooms

* Wipe down the washrooms

* Run to the bank

.....hmmm ~ I think that's it, but I'm sure it will keep me hoppin'!

:: I too am nursing a head cold, so hopefully the sunshine will clear my head by the end of the day. Have a great one y'all and thanks for all of the comments regarding the cake, I am mulling over the idea of a business...we'll see what comes of it ::

:: Be Blessed ::


Lisa B. said...

Yippppeee for sunshine...it always makes for inspiring days where we think we can conquer the world (and our to-do list) with ease.

Enjoy the sunshine while you're working hard this day.


Christy said...

Love the pics........looks like you had fun. Can't wait till I'm at home and can ENJOY the sun rather than stare at it from my desk! Blessings!

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