:: Happy Mother's Day! ::

:: I had a great Mother's Day, we went to church and then off to Fort Langley for brunch with my Mom, Dad, Brother & SIL, then we stopped by to say a quick hello to my Grandma and then off to meet Paul's Mum, Dad, Nanny & Papa for coffee in Fleetwood. After all of that we came home and rested for a while then went over to M&L's for a wonderful dinner :: :: Happy Mother's Day Mom & Mum ~ I hope you felt loved and blessed by your children & grandchildren on Mother's Day. I know I did! ::
:: The boys bought me two hanging baskets, my Mom brought me some white orchids (one of my fav's) along with a Beth Moore devotional book, my Mother in Law gave me a personalized Starbucks card and a sampling of some tea from the Tea House. Paul bought me a subscription to "Coastal Living" which is one of my favorite Magazines ::
:: Side Note: Because I want some bedding plants I returned one of my hanging baskets and picked up some bedding plants. I'm looking forward to this rain stopping and planting those in our garden this weekend ::
:: While we were at brunch my little big boy was getting rambunctous so we headed outside so he could run around. He found this little putting green and went crazy over the little flags....I think he thought they were made just for him to play with. Ain't he cute!?!?! ::

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Cathy said...

Could you please tell me how you do the 4 photo 'collage?' I think that looks awesome!

Thank you!

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