:: In the news today ::

:: I can't sleep. I have a semi-truck living on my face. I need the drugs to kick in. They are not working so I'm watching "slice" tv and blogging ::

:: What else would a mother of two small children do when she can't sleep @ 4:45 am? ::

:: Jacob is sick as well, cold & a fever. Fabulous ::

:: I thought he was on the mend yesterday then it all went down hill. Rash, fever (again), then puking. Poor little man, poor Me & Paul. Not the best way to kick off the long weekend! ::

:: Jacob did help me plant some of these seeds yesterday - they are perennials so hopefully they stick and return strong every year, that would be such a treat! ::

:: As I was sitting down to blog this I saw this headline "Shania to split from husband"::

:: Is it just me or do y'all get upset when people in the public/famous eye get separated? I was so sad when Brad & Jen separated. I feel for people in the media, I have a hard enough time working on my relationship let alone having some crazy paparazzi following me around just waiting for me to slip up on some level ::

:: The headlines would be quite catchy if I were in the media "Shawna just can't shake the weight...No matter how much her butt shakes!" / "Shawna caught speeding again!" / "Where are Shawna's kids, who is raising them now?" / "Shawna's heading down to the States to go SHOPPING again" / "Shawna's yelling at her kids in the car, while speeding" / "Shawna locks husband out of house with kids inside and refuses to come home"

* * * It all has to do with interpretation * * *

No comment of me eating salad and cutting back on sweets / Kay well I'm guilty for speeding, but who isn't? / My kids are babysat, a couple times a week, it wouldn't be healthy for me and my relationship with Paul if they weren't / Yes, I shop in the States, but I don't "like" shopping, I have to shop - I have a family, duh!?!!? / I sing in the car, often, loudly. I'm not yelling / Yes, I locked my hubby out of the house with the kids inside, but not on purpose!

See what I mean, it's all up for interpretation. I feel for the stars who just want a "normal" life, to love and be loved. I pray for them - I really do feel bad for them and their marriages which get put through the paparazzi gauntlet at every turn ::

:: Okay, that's enough...I'm going back to the couch. Have a great Saturday everyone...I'm hoping to get some sun, It's supposed to be amazing out!::


jamiedelaine said...

I read that about Shania+Mutt yesterday in the Vancouver Sun. I just think it's so sad. 14 years. I really thought they were going to last; and they have a little boy and everything. So sad.

Candice said...

Well, with a name like "Mutt", he was in the dog house to begin with...haha ! Just kidding, it is really sad and when it involves children, it's even more sad !

Shawna said...

Oh Candice - you're SO funny.

It is very sad but true, the kid will suffer!

Nickie said...

I agree with you Shawna! The media are so ridiculous and just won't leave them alone. Granted, people keep buying up all the magazines which just fuels the fire. I just think that it's so sad how many marriages don't make it.

Christy said...

Love the ramblings......it's funny, when I can't sleep I just keep rolling over hoping that will work, maybe I should try blogging! That's an awesome reminder for me to spend less time judging and more time praying for those in the spotlight....thanks!
Christy and Bambino MaC

Jennifer said...

Hope you're all feeling better!

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