:: Office - Check ::

:: Three rooms down....Three more to go - Here is the Den/Office that I just finished up ::

:: My Valentine's Treat ::

:: Valentine's Day was so overshadowed by the house deal that we really didn't do anything special, but sometime this week we are going to send Jacob off the G & G's and we are going to go out for dinner to enjoy eachother's company ::

:: We did however exchange little gifts between the two of us. I bought Paul a subscription to "Car & Driver" Magazine for 2 years - it was cheaper to buy it for 2 years instead of 1 :) ::

:: He got me a really nice card, one from him and one from Jacob & then got me a subscription to "Everyday with Rachel Ray" ~ Weird that we would get eachother the same type of gift, but I didn't care...I will enjoy this gift every month when I get it in my mailbox! ::

:: We're getting there ::

:: Well, ever since we have put our house up for sale and purchased the new one (at least on paper). I have been crazy trying to "stage" our home for anyone who wants to look at it. I want it to look the best so the future buyers see the great house that it is...at least for someone just wanting to get into the market! ::
:: So last night we went through Jacobs bedroom and took the 3/4 bed out and re-arranged everything. I think it looks really comfortable now, before it was too squishy but now it's just perfect! ::
:: I also organized our closets, did a deep clean throughout our bedroom and washroom - here is our bedroom all ready to be viewed ::
:: Thank you all for you congratulations - We are really excited and can't wait to sell this place and move on...we are already looking into new appliances for our new place. God has been so good ~ Why do we expect anything less from Him!?!?! ::
:: Well I better go and finish up the main floor so we can pack all the extra stuff and get it over to the storage locker aka. the parents basement :) ::
:: I'll post more pic's once everything esle is in it's place :) ::

:: Down ::

- 3

:: Proud Owners ::

:: We are now the proud new owners of this beautiful Home ::

:: We met in the middle for a price and we are satisfied with that...we will still be in Surrey but just on the edge of Langley ~ If all goes as planned we will be in on April 19th. We are a little nervous at the move, it seems like a really big step but in all reality it's just a stepping stone! ::


:: We did it! ::

Well we have put an offer in on the house...not sure if he will take it - We offered him $25,000.00 below asking price. But we think that is fair considering the amount of work that needs to be done as well as the fact that the property backs a main road and that the house has been on the market for 4 months with no bites.
So please pray - We know that if this is the house for us it will all just work out so we really don't have anything to worry about - But please still pray :)
We will be listing our house on the 15th of this month, may as well get the ball rolling! So I am going to be a busy lady tomorrow after I get home from Women by Design. I am going to pack up some of the odds and ends and store them at my parents house until we sell this place. It will just make our closets and bedrooms look a lot less crowded if we clear the clutter! Which will hopefully get a buyer asap!
So we will be spending Valentines with our friends & realtors, Michael & Coby as we need to get our listing finalized and the pictures of our rooms taken for MLS. How "morantic" eh!?!?!
I will keep you updated as soon as the dust settles on the deal - Good or Bad :)
Here are some pictures that were not on MLS, I took these ones tonight:

:: Looking down the hall towards the kitchen from the living room ::

:: Paul and Michael in the family - just to give you a perspective on the size of the room ::

:: Powder room on main....needs updating..what do you think? Currently the countertop is chipped paint ~ Could be a new style? ::

:: Here is another view of the kitchen, it isn't actually as big as the picture looked...because you also have to fit the kitchen table in there! ::

:: Grammie & Jacob having fun in the "new house" ::

:: Happy St. Valentine's Day Everyone - I pray it is most blessed ::


:: We want this one ::

:: This is the house we are looking at tonight :::: The Kitchen :::: The Basement ::
:: Covered outdoor Garage ::
:: Living Room ::
:: Family Room ::
:: Other angle of the Living Room ::
:: Please pray about this house for us; it has been on the market for 4 months and is listed about $30,000.00 more than we want to spend...which is okay but we really want to be in a certain price range. So please pray that if this isn't the one for us that another (better) one will come along and be "perfect" for us ::

:: Milestones Cont'... ::

:: Now this may not be a milestone in your books, but it is in ours…We finally got a new COMPUTER!!!! We have had our old computer probably for 10 years (at least) as Paul had it way before I was ever in the picture. Over the years Paul’s Dad (much more handy on computers than both of us put together) has updated our memory and programs. But it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. So when Paul’s folks asked us what we wanted for Christmas we knew that a computer was it! And now we have it! It is a “E-Machine” by HP – it is a 2006 model so we got it for a killer price from Costco with a 2 year warranty. It is super speedy and we can’t even hear if it is on or not! It is such a blessing. Jordan came over the other day and set it all up for us and transferred all of our files {thanks again Jord} and so we are up and running! You can’t get something new and not make it a nice home so today I cleaned up the office and re-arranged everything to accommodate our newest member of the family! ::
:: Office Before - Can you see the 2 computers on the desk :) ::
:: Office After ::

:: That is it for now...We are taking care of Faith & Haden tonight so it may be a pizza night out our house...too bad I can't have any! ::
:: Ps. I was down 1.2 lbs last week - I won't be weighing in until Thursday this week, so I'll update then ~ Wish me luck! ::

:: Milestones ::

:: We have had a few milestones in the last week or so ::

:: First we (as in Jacob) is trying to break his top teeth through, but instead of just two coming it looks like he is actually trying to break through four of his top teeth! This has lead to middle of the night feedings to comfort his poor aching mouth ::
:: Great Papa’s 84th Birthday ~ On Sunday we celebrated Paul’s Papa’s birthday with the family. We had a great time seeing Jacob play with his second cousins and visiting with everyone. What a great reason to get together as a family! ::

:: Happy Birthday Papa! :: :: Jacob enjoying the party ::
:: After long persistence from Grammie, Jacob has finally learned to play { patty-cake }! This started at the end of last week…I have to say he thinks he’s a pretty smart boy when he does this, because the whole rooms stops to watch him { patty-cake } ::
:: More milestones in my next post...blogger doesn't like me today ::

:: Still hanging on... ::

:: As usual, we have been busy ~ With what, you say….well a little bit of everything! ::

:: Jacob and I came down with a really bad chest cold that knocked us off our feet for a few days last week. Yet during that time we got the “bee in our bonnet” to look into getting a new house. This leads to talking to the bank and having long conversations about money (yuk). ::

:: At the end of last week, I was helping out set up for a couples date night at church so on Friday for most of the day Lisa. B & I were setting up in church. We got home just in time to grab something to eat, get ready, pack the kid up and send him off with Grammie and then head back to the church to finish the last minute things. The night was a great success and we had a ton of fun…it was a lot of work but tons of fun!!! ::

:: A couple weeks ago we had Madelyne for the evening and so we took a few pics of her and Jacob enjoying bath-time and then Madelyne with her curlers in for church :: :: Our friends Kevin & Steph, who we have gotten to know through Paul’s work, lent us the most fabulous ‘baby-jail’ for Jacob….It is such a blessing ~ we can just plunk him in there and he plays, bounces and watches his favourite shows ~ Thanks again K & S ::
:: Here is a picture of our cutie-pie on his 8 month birthday ::
:: More to come... ::
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