:: Milestones ::

:: We have had a few milestones in the last week or so ::

:: First we (as in Jacob) is trying to break his top teeth through, but instead of just two coming it looks like he is actually trying to break through four of his top teeth! This has lead to middle of the night feedings to comfort his poor aching mouth ::
:: Great Papa’s 84th Birthday ~ On Sunday we celebrated Paul’s Papa’s birthday with the family. We had a great time seeing Jacob play with his second cousins and visiting with everyone. What a great reason to get together as a family! ::

:: Happy Birthday Papa! :: :: Jacob enjoying the party ::
:: After long persistence from Grammie, Jacob has finally learned to play { patty-cake }! This started at the end of last week…I have to say he thinks he’s a pretty smart boy when he does this, because the whole rooms stops to watch him { patty-cake } ::
:: More milestones in my next post...blogger doesn't like me today ::

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Canadian Kristin said...

What a great blessing.....an 84 years young Papa to love and play with!

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