: Friday Fun! :

We've had a great week around here and today with both boys still on graduated entry it made for a little bit of a crazy day, so this is coming to you crazy late, but I've maintained my 5 posts a week so I'm thankful I'm not falling behind {get it, "falling" behind ;)}!!

Anyway, here is a collage of photo's from my BB this week:
1. My boys giving hugs after school {completely unprompted!}
2. I love this display + cucina
3. JJ getting a hug from his teacher on the first day of school
4. Super fun stacking basket, made of metal...never seen cupboard organizing be so cute!
5. The MOST delicious coconut shrimp from the Boathouse
6. Cultus Lake on a hot Summer day
7. The boys watching the trains at the local train store
8. Beautiful wall of Fall colours....at my local Starbucks drive through ;)
9. Delish dinner with Mr. L
10. OOOOHHHH, look at the poster @ Starbucks! Love it!
11. This got dropped on the door step this past week, Jacob has nearly destroyed it by reading it!
12. And a SOLD sign on a house, that would be OUR house!! Yippeeeeee!

Hope y'all had a great week getting back into your school groove...and if you're not at that stage in life {or past it!} I hope you're enjoying all the comforts of Fall!

Have a great weekend...I'm going to be back on to post all about Cole's first day!

Happy Weekend!


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: Jacob's 1st Day :

The bag was packed, the notices filled out, the extra change of clothes and the cheque ready for his school supplies, my biggest little boy was ready for his first day {ahem, hour} of kindergarten...

The backpack was purchased at our local grocery store last year for $2.94 -- with a little money spent on embroidery {$6} - his first book bag was ready! So glad I did it last Fall because with all the extra little things you have to buy with school this has turned out to be an expensive venture!
We LOVE our teachers {we have 5 including Cole's 3 and Jacob's 2} so we decided to make them a little something that we think they would appreciate...I got this idea here
Home made cookies +
Plus a Starbucks VIA Italian Roast instant coffee +
A little label and some twine =

a super sweet little gift....

My biggest little boy ready to go to his first day

Jacob and his most delightful teacher --- again, couldn't be more blessed to have her as our kindergarten teacher this year!

After school, checking out his notes in his book bag and hanging with me in the kitchen, ready to do it all over again tomorrow!
Dear Jacob, we are so excited to see you learn to read, write and have fun in kindergarten! You made our hearts so proud as you walked boldly into the next big step of your life! We pray you'll love school, love learning and love sharing with you friends. We have no doubt that you'll prove yourself as a strong self starter and observant learner! Love always, Daddy & Mama

Tomorrow comes Cole's first day of 4 year old pre-school and I get to do the good bye's all over again!

Have a wonderful Thursday Lovelies!



: Camping 2011 :

We were blessed to go away camping {in my parents trailer} for the better portion of a week with two other couples and their kids. We stayed at a KOA just south of the Border in a little sleepy town called Lynden, WA.
It's a beautiful town with fabulous antique shops and great people
Finally after years of seeing this house, I took the time to take a photo of it. It's located on Front Street and it's my all time favorite home in Lynden...although their are plenty more I "ooo" and "ahhh" over!
We got in plenty of pool time

All the kids making a train in the water
Plenty of campfire time {D&L stayed in this cute little cabin}
Cole in G+G's perfect little bathtub
We ate plenty of yummy food thanks to L&K's great organizational planning skills!
Hung out by the campsite
Played plenty of games and coloring
Enjoyed talks that often went back to bible times {right D?} and ended in great laughter!
Shared with friends and taught the younger ones the ways of being a locksmith ;)
Ate blue bubblegum ice cream - Yum!
Oh, and more of this!
Then the G+G came down and played a round of golf, apparently Cole was winning {see photo}!
AND....a WHOLE lot of this went on....ahhhh camping, now that's the life!

Thanks for the great memories V&K + D&L ---- We're so happy we went with all of you! What a blast!

* * *
So this morning was the first official day of school for Jacob, it was a good day...would have been better if we didn't wake up at 8.10 am!!! When the heck do we ever sleep in!?!?! AHHHH, a little mental trying to get the three of us up and out to make it to school {we have to drive 15 minutes as we're still living out of catchment} for 8.30 am, but we did it and we weren't late!

All that matters is that JJ had a great time and that he did, he was only there for an hour but can't wait to do more! God has been SO good to our family, we're truly blessed beyond measure and my cup overflows!

I'll be back with more "Back to School" memories and photos, but right now we're off to parent teacher interviews! I guess it's officially started! Unbelievable! {sorry for the overuse of the exclamation mark!!!!!!!!!}

Happy Hot September Wednesday!



: Home Organization Binder :

Today is the first official day of school for many families in Canada, but for my little guys their first days are not until tomorrow and Friday. And even with their first days being tomorrow and Friday they are on a graduated entry program because Cole is in Pre-school and JJ is in the first full mandatory year of full time Kindergarten.

But in the spirit of getting back to schedule and organizing all things school, I thought I would share my home organization binder with y'all!
This is not my idea, so I don't even claim credit to it -- I saw it on another bloggers blog...got that? Blue Eyed Bride has some great ideas and this is just one of them!

My front flap of my binder holds my current Avon catalogue, notices, bills etc.
The first page holds all of our household important numbers etc.
Then there are the different tabs for the different areas of organization bliss - HA!
First tab holds my weekly/monthly cleaning schedule as well as my daily schedule/bible verse/blog posts. I love this "hub" in my organization binder, it keeps me grounded and level when I feel like I'm loosing my mind with things on the go!

Then comes my meal planner..
The boys chore chart {this has been an absolute HIT over the Summer} - I highly recommend this!
Detailed grocery list, since I do a huge portion of my shopping state side, I love this detailed list so I don't go home without everything I purposed to get!
All of the printables I have are online and free - here is the list of them:

Organized Home

Mom Agenda

Frugal Living

The Simple Mom

The Project Girl

Life...Your Way

Hope the first day of school was a hit with your kids and that you didn't need the kleenex too close ;)

Happy to be back to schedule and routine is what I will be by the time both my boys get into their classes!


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