: Camping 2011 :

We were blessed to go away camping {in my parents trailer} for the better portion of a week with two other couples and their kids. We stayed at a KOA just south of the Border in a little sleepy town called Lynden, WA.
It's a beautiful town with fabulous antique shops and great people
Finally after years of seeing this house, I took the time to take a photo of it. It's located on Front Street and it's my all time favorite home in Lynden...although their are plenty more I "ooo" and "ahhh" over!
We got in plenty of pool time

All the kids making a train in the water
Plenty of campfire time {D&L stayed in this cute little cabin}
Cole in G+G's perfect little bathtub
We ate plenty of yummy food thanks to L&K's great organizational planning skills!
Hung out by the campsite
Played plenty of games and coloring
Enjoyed talks that often went back to bible times {right D?} and ended in great laughter!
Shared with friends and taught the younger ones the ways of being a locksmith ;)
Ate blue bubblegum ice cream - Yum!
Oh, and more of this!
Then the G+G came down and played a round of golf, apparently Cole was winning {see photo}!
AND....a WHOLE lot of this went on....ahhhh camping, now that's the life!

Thanks for the great memories V&K + D&L ---- We're so happy we went with all of you! What a blast!

* * *
So this morning was the first official day of school for Jacob, it was a good day...would have been better if we didn't wake up at 8.10 am!!! When the heck do we ever sleep in!?!?! AHHHH, a little mental trying to get the three of us up and out to make it to school {we have to drive 15 minutes as we're still living out of catchment} for 8.30 am, but we did it and we weren't late!

All that matters is that JJ had a great time and that he did, he was only there for an hour but can't wait to do more! God has been SO good to our family, we're truly blessed beyond measure and my cup overflows!

I'll be back with more "Back to School" memories and photos, but right now we're off to parent teacher interviews! I guess it's officially started! Unbelievable! {sorry for the overuse of the exclamation mark!!!!!!!!!}

Happy Hot September Wednesday!



Christy said...

Happy first day of school Jacob!! And one of these years, we need to do a camping trip...TOGETHER :) I feel ya, I woke up at 7:56 on Tuesday and had to leave to get Denay to school for 8:15. We made it too :)

Shawna said...

@Christy: YES!!! We will go camping together, one of these years!!! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who slept in ;)

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