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Today is the first official day of school for many families in Canada, but for my little guys their first days are not until tomorrow and Friday. And even with their first days being tomorrow and Friday they are on a graduated entry program because Cole is in Pre-school and JJ is in the first full mandatory year of full time Kindergarten.

But in the spirit of getting back to schedule and organizing all things school, I thought I would share my home organization binder with y'all!
This is not my idea, so I don't even claim credit to it -- I saw it on another bloggers blog...got that? Blue Eyed Bride has some great ideas and this is just one of them!

My front flap of my binder holds my current Avon catalogue, notices, bills etc.
The first page holds all of our household important numbers etc.
Then there are the different tabs for the different areas of organization bliss - HA!
First tab holds my weekly/monthly cleaning schedule as well as my daily schedule/bible verse/blog posts. I love this "hub" in my organization binder, it keeps me grounded and level when I feel like I'm loosing my mind with things on the go!

Then comes my meal planner..
The boys chore chart {this has been an absolute HIT over the Summer} - I highly recommend this!
Detailed grocery list, since I do a huge portion of my shopping state side, I love this detailed list so I don't go home without everything I purposed to get!
All of the printables I have are online and free - here is the list of them:

Organized Home

Mom Agenda

Frugal Living

The Simple Mom

The Project Girl

Life...Your Way

Hope the first day of school was a hit with your kids and that you didn't need the kleenex too close ;)

Happy to be back to schedule and routine is what I will be by the time both my boys get into their classes!



Anonymous said...

I too have a binder! It has served me well for years, and years! I love some of your ideas, and want to use some of your ideas too! Thanks S! xoxo

Jennifer said...

wow! how organized! I think my problem would be losing the binder lol!
Happy back to school!

susan said...

WOW! I need a binder!! Like most people, our lives are crazy busy & I HAVE lost my mind trying to remember everything. I thrive on organization but in the last few years things have gone downhill on that front. I am TOTALLY copying you!!
And as for school - ours started last week (thurs) and I only needed ONE kleenex! :-)

Nadine said...

I LOVE organization!! This is so great and of course this little organizer when over and printed some of those lovely lists. I have been wanting to meal plan for a while but just haven't had the tools to get started. Hopefully, this will help! :) Thanks for sharing!! :)

Shawna said...

Thanks Lovelies for all your comments!!

@Cathy: so doesn't surprise me that you have a binder...you are my sister from another mother ;)

@Jennifer: No you wouldn't, mine is by my side all the time, car to home, home to car, grocery store to home, school to car, car to home...it's like my new left arm ;)

@Susan: Go for it, you will LOVE it!

@Nadine: So glad you can use the printables!

Happy Weekend Lovelies!

Theresa said...

Oh my, I love it! What kind of chores do you give your boys? I totally want to do that around here.

Tawn said...

... I hate it when you're right. *grin*

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