:: All is well with our little world...::

:: Things seem to be back to normal around here, Jacob talked back to me this morning after I told him not to stand in the drawer (go figure!?!?). I didn't notice that his little-Dude-attitude was missing when I had reprimanded him for the past two days - until this morning when he pulled full on attitude ::
:: Glad you're feeling better little Dude ::


:: Sickos ::

:: That's been me and my family for the last 3.5 days. We have been down and out with this nasty...and I mean NASTY flu! It literally had Paul and I unable to function on Monday. So we called his Mum to help us out, and as any good Mum would she came over and entertained Jacob for us, held Cole, brought us fresh glasses of water and ginger ale, made us soup and heated up the hot packs. This virus is so vile, I kept on asking the good Lord to help me make it through because I felt like I was going to die...I know that sounds a bit dramatic now, but seriously I thought I would just die! ::

:: Thankfully we have a great support system to call on in times of need - I called my friend Lisa. B to bring us by some ginger ale, Gatorade and gravol on Monday morning. I dialed her number not even knowing what time it was, and not really caring either...cause remember I was going to die! ::

:: I was supposed to be working for my Mom's co. on Monday morning so I had to heap all of my work on my brother Jordan's shoulders - thanks Jordan for rising to the task and taking my work for me...if you wouldn't have I probably would have, yep you guessed it....just died! And you wouldn't have wanted that would you!?!?! ::

:: Thanks to Mum, Jordan & Lisa for helping us out - we truly appreciate it! So, so sorry for no "Glorious" Christmas decorating pictures to blog....that's a whole other story, however I will tell you that our tree is up, so is our garland and stockings. Hopefully I will feel well enough tomorrow to post about that whole episode! ::

:: May the Good Lord be with you and I pray that you will dodge this flu virus this season, as I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy (that is if I had one to wish it on!) ::
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