:: Into the future ::

:: The day I took this picture (Monday) they loved each other. Yesterday not so much...I guess that in the future that is what being brothers so close together will look like, one day they are inseparable and the next they cry at the sight of each other! The reason they didn't get along too well yesterday was because Jacob decided to hit Cole on the head with his play hammer and so every time Jacob came close to Cole, Cole screamed his head off ::
:: Today all is forgiven and Cole is no longer screaming at Jacob - Thank you Lord! :: :: Have a great day peoples --- I am off to run a bunch of errands, do a quick vacuum and probably do some work in my Mom's office. But tonight "flipping out" is on @ 11:00, so I will break to watch, that show cracks me up and I LOVE the reno's he does ::
:: Ta Ta For Now! ::


:: Happy Housewives ::

:: I had a great time tonight @ Happy Housewives, we had a MAC make-up artist come and give us tips on how to "update" our looks as we have a tendency to stay the same or get into a rut...ah, you're wrong. Not me. Ha Ha Ha - I think I'm the worst out of the whole bunch of us! ::

:: Here were Kim's tips for me ::
1) Try peachy - balmy type eye shadows
2) Grow in my eyebrows and "give 1996 back it's eyebrows"
3) Use a mineral type foundation - I don't use any (most of the time)
4) Clean my brushes
5) Wash my face prior to bed...I promise I will try to do this one, but I'm so bad at it!

:: I am going to try to grow my eyebrows in a bit...a bit not a lot, but a bit...I will post a picture once I have completed this task! (My Eye & brow are in the collage at the bottom right) ::

:: Thanks for another great HH night girls - It was great! Thanks for organizing and hosting Cami! ::

:: Doorstep Gifts ::

:: Yesterday I received an email to check at my doorstep...and this is what I found, a lovely gift from our old neighbours - How sweet! ::

:: It is a lovely grey zip-up top for our wee babe. Thanks Craig, Jeannie & Magnolia! ::

:: Bowling Bonaza! ::

:: To celebrate our friend Leah's birthday we headed to Willowbrook Lanes to do some good 'ol fashioned bowling....Sweet Sass! ::

:: We had a great time with a fabby group of friends, who knew bowling could be such an entertaining sport! ::

:: Our friend Chris (aka: Mr. Chris or Uncle Cookie) got the highest score for the night...I stopped counting his strikes beyond the first six, yup six! He said it runs in the family, his grandma is apparently an amazing bowler or was in her day...I say he's a closet bowler ;) ::

:: Happy birthday Leah - what a great way to celebrate! ::
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:: The Basement ::

:: It's been painted Blue/Grey/Green -- it's a very different colour, in some lights it's very blue, other lights grey and even in some light it's green - but I think it's perfect for the basement! :::: It was actually a mis-tint that we picked up @ Cloverdale paint. It started off the colour on the right side and then ended up the colour on the left side as we added a bucket of cream paint to it to lighten it up and add some creamy-ness :::: The staircase on the way down to the basement....it was sponge-painted on the ceiling - Oh my! Do you see our little helper at the bottom of the stairs??? :: :: The staircase the next day ::
:: The ceiling in the main room - the line you see is not a shadow but the colour before and after :::: I forgot to take whole room shots of the main room prior to painting, so here is the colour of the main room mid-way through painting :: :: This is the main room once we finished painting the ceiling and walls :::: Basement bedroom before painting it :: :: Basement bedroom partially finished painting it :: :: Basement bedroom finished painting :: :: Scrapbookingb nook in basement bedroom prior to painting ::
:: Scrapbooking nook after painting ::

:: Now we just need to nail down trim board in both the bedroom and main room, trim the window in the bedroom, rip out tile in front of fireplace and get carpet throughout the main room and staircase - Not too bad for a weekends work with two little ones hey!?!?! ::

:: Edited to say: We also need to put in new light fixtures in both rooms...and a dimmer switch to make it warmer in there when the ceiling lights are on. I would have liked to have pot lights installed but no can do, so a dimmer switch will have to do! Because I hate the way over-head lights are so bright ::


:: My Weekend ::

:: ...has consisted of picking paint, priming for paint and actually painting paint ::
:: We painted our basement this weekend...it is great. I'm a little scared about the color - a little bold for my taste, however it is the basement and as long as we keep on creating boys, it will need to be repainted in just a few years and we can change the colour then ::
:: Paul loves the colour - any guesses as to what colour it is??? ::
:: I'm off to go to bed, but before that I need to rub Vaseline all over my hands, feet and face and hopefully it works wonders by morning...See ya'll then! ::
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