:: Into the future ::

:: The day I took this picture (Monday) they loved each other. Yesterday not so much...I guess that in the future that is what being brothers so close together will look like, one day they are inseparable and the next they cry at the sight of each other! The reason they didn't get along too well yesterday was because Jacob decided to hit Cole on the head with his play hammer and so every time Jacob came close to Cole, Cole screamed his head off ::
:: Today all is forgiven and Cole is no longer screaming at Jacob - Thank you Lord! :: :: Have a great day peoples --- I am off to run a bunch of errands, do a quick vacuum and probably do some work in my Mom's office. But tonight "flipping out" is on @ 11:00, so I will break to watch, that show cracks me up and I LOVE the reno's he does ::
:: Ta Ta For Now! ::


Laura said...

Your boys are just so adorable Shawna! Little Cole reminds me often of the McClelland boys. And Rylan is a huge fan of hitting his sisters with his play hammer, or anything he assumes he can use as a hammer - must get used to boys I guess!

Rachel said...

Oh the sibling spats....really they drive me absolutely bonkers!
You have a bit of time yet before it gets REALLY crazy :)

Amanda said...

Such a cute picture of the boys!! I love it!! The battles have only begun! And they won't last forever! They'll be best friends in the end!

Canadian Kristin said...

Your boys have the most beautiful beautiful beautiful eyes. Siblings...well...laugh when you can! :-)

Jennifer said...

What a cute picture! They looks so much alike! In my expereince having kids very close together, they play well together more often than they fight. Once Jacob realizes he can make Cole do whatever he wants they'll be best of friends!

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