:: The Basement ::

:: It's been painted Blue/Grey/Green -- it's a very different colour, in some lights it's very blue, other lights grey and even in some light it's green - but I think it's perfect for the basement! :::: It was actually a mis-tint that we picked up @ Cloverdale paint. It started off the colour on the right side and then ended up the colour on the left side as we added a bucket of cream paint to it to lighten it up and add some creamy-ness :::: The staircase on the way down to the basement....it was sponge-painted on the ceiling - Oh my! Do you see our little helper at the bottom of the stairs??? :: :: The staircase the next day ::
:: The ceiling in the main room - the line you see is not a shadow but the colour before and after :::: I forgot to take whole room shots of the main room prior to painting, so here is the colour of the main room mid-way through painting :: :: This is the main room once we finished painting the ceiling and walls :::: Basement bedroom before painting it :: :: Basement bedroom partially finished painting it :: :: Basement bedroom finished painting :: :: Scrapbookingb nook in basement bedroom prior to painting ::
:: Scrapbooking nook after painting ::

:: Now we just need to nail down trim board in both the bedroom and main room, trim the window in the bedroom, rip out tile in front of fireplace and get carpet throughout the main room and staircase - Not too bad for a weekends work with two little ones hey!?!?! ::

:: Edited to say: We also need to put in new light fixtures in both rooms...and a dimmer switch to make it warmer in there when the ceiling lights are on. I would have liked to have pot lights installed but no can do, so a dimmer switch will have to do! Because I hate the way over-head lights are so bright ::


Jennifer said...

Looks like a lot of work!! Way to go!

Jessi said...

I love the color! Doesn't it just feel so good to have it done with and now when you walk downstairs it feel more like home! I have several painting projects ahead of me, just need the time to do them all! Happy Tuesday!

jamiedelaine said...

I ADORE that color. It's very Sarah Richardson, very modern. Cool. :)

Laura said...

wow! looks fantastic, and remembering your dwarf bathroom made me smile! jealous of all you've accomplished with two little ones!

Shawna said...

Laura...shhh you shouldn't have said anything!!! Yes, we have a dwarf bathroom in our basement...the ceiling is 4 ft. tall. It's so dumb! we are ripping out the toilet for sure, however it's kinda nice to have the sink down there. Especially for future craft projects with the boys.

Thanks for reminding me of my unlucky treasure down there ;)

Christy said...

Looks great guys....you certainly were busy but how good it feels to have it done. And I love the color, looks something akin to our downstairs bathroom.

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