:: Bowling Bonaza! ::

:: To celebrate our friend Leah's birthday we headed to Willowbrook Lanes to do some good 'ol fashioned bowling....Sweet Sass! ::

:: We had a great time with a fabby group of friends, who knew bowling could be such an entertaining sport! ::

:: Our friend Chris (aka: Mr. Chris or Uncle Cookie) got the highest score for the night...I stopped counting his strikes beyond the first six, yup six! He said it runs in the family, his grandma is apparently an amazing bowler or was in her day...I say he's a closet bowler ;) ::

:: Happy birthday Leah - what a great way to celebrate! ::
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Amanda said...

Looks like you had fun!! Who all went?

Shawna said...

In attendance:
Roo, Lacey, Chris, Lisa.B & Fam, Leah (of course), Jono, Tony, and a couple peeps I don't remember their names though :(

Lisa B. said...

Can you send me the original and the edited pic of me and Mads!


Lisa B. said...

Oh ya, Shawna, you forgot someone in your list of who was in attendance that night:


Canadian Kristin said...

I LOVE BOWLING as a group!!!!!!!

Canadian Kristin said...

Wardrobe malfunction?!? Story?!?!

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