:: Happy Housewives ::

:: I had a great time tonight @ Happy Housewives, we had a MAC make-up artist come and give us tips on how to "update" our looks as we have a tendency to stay the same or get into a rut...ah, you're wrong. Not me. Ha Ha Ha - I think I'm the worst out of the whole bunch of us! ::

:: Here were Kim's tips for me ::
1) Try peachy - balmy type eye shadows
2) Grow in my eyebrows and "give 1996 back it's eyebrows"
3) Use a mineral type foundation - I don't use any (most of the time)
4) Clean my brushes
5) Wash my face prior to bed...I promise I will try to do this one, but I'm so bad at it!

:: I am going to try to grow my eyebrows in a bit...a bit not a lot, but a bit...I will post a picture once I have completed this task! (My Eye & brow are in the collage at the bottom right) ::

:: Thanks for another great HH night girls - It was great! Thanks for organizing and hosting Cami! ::


Shawna said...

FYI :: I washed, toned & moisturized my face prior to bed last night...YaY for me!

Lisa B. said...

Good job girl! One day at a time :-)

Christy said...

That looks like it was fun! What a blessing to have the Happy Housewives group. Makes me want to start something over here!

Keri's Collage... said...

Your make-up always looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

so when did we go to mexico??? i think thanks to you 1996 stole my brows too!!! (actually, thanks to you, auntie cheryl and tania... yup, i don't think there were any others PINNING me to the wall!) oh brook, who woulda known they'd come back!!!

Canadian Kristin said...

Shawna, I have yet to see you look less than FAB...but super fun on the HH evening with the MAC chick!

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