:: My Weekend ::

:: ...has consisted of picking paint, priming for paint and actually painting paint ::
:: We painted our basement this weekend...it is great. I'm a little scared about the color - a little bold for my taste, however it is the basement and as long as we keep on creating boys, it will need to be repainted in just a few years and we can change the colour then ::
:: Paul loves the colour - any guesses as to what colour it is??? ::
:: I'm off to go to bed, but before that I need to rub Vaseline all over my hands, feet and face and hopefully it works wonders by morning...See ya'll then! ::


Amanda said...

Is it Orange??

It must feel good to have it painted though....even if it isn't YOUR favorite colour!

Shawna said...

ha ha ha === good guess, but it's not orange :)

Jessi said...

Ok...I'll take a stab at it...is it a shade of red???

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