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:: The Bachelor - Week 5 ::

:: The remaining 5 at the start of the show after just arriving in Seattle ::

:: What a great week...but it felt like it was a bit of filler to me, it seems like a really long process for him to eliminate the girls that I already know are not the best for him! Ha Ha! Well, it is good that he is SO thoughtful about his choices, it makes the girls know that he's not just in it for the ahem! ::
:: I love that he is not afraid to single individual girls out and ask them questions about their expectations and thoughts on being in a relationship with him...he seems so real that way! ::

:: Okay so on to what happened this week. Well the girls {& Jason of course} packed their bags and headed to the beautiful city of Seattle, in the Fall non the less - how amazing are those trees, mountains and water! Oh, what a treat! ::

:: Right, back to the recap. So the girls get put up in a super classy hotel and get to enjoy the benefits of being in Jason's home town. Off the bat, Melissa gets the first one on one date night with Jason, oy vey was Naomi jealous {she has yet to have a one on one date with Jason}! ::

:: Melissa & Jason were supposed to be going out on the town in a oohh la la car and all the works, that ended up getting a wrench in it as Ty {Jason's Son} didn't want daddy to go out. So Jason invited Melissa over and they had a date night in. Melissa was so cool about it and asked if she could wear her stretchy pants to the date instead of her dress, they ended up to be stretchy short-shorts - but who cares!?!?! To say the least they had a great date and Melissa was the envy of all the other girls as she would probably get to meet Ty. She didn't. Jason wasn't ready for that. He did however let her sneak a peek at Ty sleeping - it was all very sweet ::

:: Next up was the group date that included these three :::: They went on a boat cruise through the harbour and enjoyed the sights of Seattle's skyline. Jason singled Stephanie out and took her up to the captains quarters to steer the boat. They reminisced about their last one on one date and about Sophia {Stephanie's daughter}. They didn't kiss..or did they, no I don't think they did. They had a good talk and it made me hope that maybe there was hope for Stephanie, but from the start of this episode I didn't think she would last ::

:: After the boat cruise they head to kiss.fm recording studios so they can be interviewed live on air. Jason got put through the ringer but held up well and even aced a blindfolded kissing test on all the girls! ::

:: In the interview Jason said that his favorite date was with Stephanie {obviously this guy is full of heart} and the best kisser was Molly {ugh} ::

:: So the group date ended well however...he was feeling a little unsettled about his relationship with Jillian...life went on and he went on another one on one date, this time with Naomi ::

:: Things went great on his date with Naomi, obviously he finds her attractive or else she wouldn't still be here. They went up in a helicopter then proceeded to a rock climbing wall were they had a little date at the top of the rock wall. Then they ended their date with fondue in front of a fire. It was romantic but there didn't seem {to me} to be sparks other then the ones coming from the fire. Apparently he felt differently, he kissed the girl {ugh} ::

:: Then the morning of the rose ceremony Jason arrives at the girls suite {unannounced} and asks to take Jillian out for coffee. He asks of her intentions and wants to know whats up with her as she's been the rock to all the girls and he's not sure if he's seeing the "real" Jillian. She needs to up her game, but as discussed earlier in the show {on the group date}, Jillian didn't realize that she may actually end up having feelings with Jason, so they have caught her off guard. I {and hopefully he} still think she's a keeper. They kissed and loved on each other for a while, I think it was good for both of them ::

:: Upon arriving at the rose ceremony, Jason asked to pull Naomi aside to make sure her intentions with him and expectations were right and true. She said they were {humph} and so he ended up giving roses to these girls: Jillian, Melissa, Molly {go home!} & Naomi. So that left Stephanie, oh so Southern and gracious Stephanie. She was the epitome of grace and woman in that ceremony and Jason was the essence of integral man ::

:: He kept all the girls there while he {tearfully} spoke to Stephanie and told her how wonderful she was and she deserved the very best and that she was an AMAZING woman. I agree with him, but she's just not right for him ::

:: So there you go, next week is a big one - it's the hometown dates & those episodes hold many many great surprises! Like Mom & Dad's that won't be on camera, Mom's who ask Jason to do the eulogy for a dead dove etc. ect. It'll be a great one girls! ::
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