: April 1st = March in Photos :

This is not an original idea, but I loved seeing it on my girlfriend Jamie Delaine's blog, so I thought I'd share too! Thanks Jame for the idea ;)

|No. 1 - The cake that was eaten before it was iced|No. 2 - My newly re-vamped office|No. 3 - Bath time joy|No. 4 - I found an extra $20 in my wallet, an extra little blessing -- this was big news hence the fact that I took a photo of it ;)|No. 5 -Extra little blessings @ home with me for the day| No. 6 - Starfrit anniversary apple peeler...must get one if you don't have one!|No. 7 - Snacks, note and cash for Mr. L for a trip out of town. He left in the dark and didn't see it, I sent him this photo to show him what he missed by not turning on the lights!|No. 8 - Cole threw up so he was having a detox bath and JJ was keeping him company|No. 9 - JJ gathered up all the recycling in the kitchen and was taking it to the bin in the garage..I took a photo of him to send to Mr. L, such a great help JJ!| No. 10 - Cole {aka:Crash} touched a hot element on the stove|No. 11 - Reading & texting in the bath|No. 12 - Spring blooms just about to come out|No. 13 - Going for a cruise w/ Daddy in Grampy's car|No. 14 - Fetching the mail for the out-of-towners|No. 15 - Freshly cleaned carpets..ahhhh|No. 16 - My new boots - LOVE!|

Happy April Lovelies!


: Like I was saying.. :

..I get tired but not often weary. Well that theory went out the window last night. We had an accepted offer on our house, not pending anything but the inspection. So since last Friday {remember the crazy weekend} we have had this offer accepted on our house, subject to inspection. Wednesday was inspection and although our house is far from perfect and it's 30 years old -- it's in r e a l l y good shape...
Well we got news last night that the offer has collapsed -- this was a devastating end to our week. I was just a little stressed {note random zits all over me!} about the whole house selling situation and this was just the thing to push me over the edge. I was weary - in heart and body.

Apparently the not-so-bias inspector played up the 30 year old windows/15 year old furnace & water heater -- as things that NEED to be replaced. Their agent is furious as they knew these things before the inspection was conducted. So here we are waiting on the news that the offer has fallen through. Back to having showings and waiting on putting an offer in on a new place. Boo!!!

Today I feel better, I feel like everything happens for a reason. For it all happens in God's timing not ours and we trust Him first.

I did sleep last night and felt rested this morning. Last night I lit candles, gave myself a pedicure
and watched one of my favorite shows --- relatively relaxing seeing as the circumstances were not.

Anyways, onward and upward!

I'm wearing my new Hunter boots today & I loves them...God new I needed something today, so he granted me rain ;)

Hope y'all have a fabby weekend...I'll be back at some point -- I'm having some technical issues, so hopefully I'll get them figured out!

{ XoXo }


: Ask Shawna:Answers :

1. Q: Do you ever get tired?

A: Tired yes, weary…not often God’s joy is often good enough for me. See also answer 14 ;)

2. Q: What time do you get up in the mornings? A: Anytime between 6 am & 7 am

3. Q: What is the best characteristic you gained from your mama? And from your dad?

A: My Marm: How to run a household :: My Dad: To defend & protect and to investigate and ask questions

4. Q: What do you eat for breakfast?

A: Coffee in “Beauty” & eggs or a protein rich English muffin…or a strawberry smoothy w/ flax & yogurt

5. Q: What cleaning products do you use and for what?

A: I’m pretty much a plain hot water, soap and cloth type girl…I do use some Norwex clothes and like them. But I love the smell of a fresh cleaned house and Norwex doesn’t provide that scent ;)

6. Q: If you could change one thing in your life what would it be?

A: My weight, I would like to be ideally 30 lbs lighter…it’s a l o n g process

7. Q: How do you get your hair to look so great all the time? What products do you use? Do you have styling tips?

A: I don’t put my hair in a box; it is its own beast, so I don’t try to do something with it that it doesn’t want to do. And it has a lot to do with time too..if you see me in a hat, you know my hair was not cooperating! And use PSSSSST Dry Shampoo…ahhh, LOVE!

8. Q: Where do you find your inspiration for decorating your home?

A: I have a colour pallet that I love and I decorate in that same colour family. I have other pops of colour but minimal. I find that if I use the same base colours it will create a cohesive pallet full of warmth and comfort – and those colours are the ones I’m most attracted to.

9. Q: Do you have a guilty pleasure(s)?? A: Trash Mags --- Hello Magazine would be one of many ;)

10. Q: What inspires your creativity?

A: Specifically glass & white items – but truly I’m inspired by most things around me…I see beauty in the ordinary. Music plays a big part in my creativity...I am big into music --- all kinds of it!

11. Q: Bikini, thong, g-string or granny panties?

A: I don’t like panty lines ;)

12. Q: On a really rough day what do you do to get you out of a grouchy mood? [if you ever have them! *wink*]

A: Of course I have grouchy days! What to I do to get out of them…s p a c e --- I give myself lots of space…and light a couple candles. You know the old saying: Don’t say anything unless you have something good to say --- well I keep myself out of sight, cause I am just not in the best space & I make sure that I get some good devotional time in. Prayer & petition, talking to God always helps. As well as some great music...usually very loud!

13. Q: What kind of camera do you use? I love your photography!

A: Thank you! I use my Nikon D40 that was my Christmas present 3 years ago from my parents or my Sony cyber shot that Mr. L got me for my birthday just before we went to Hawaii in October.

14. Q: Do you ever get tired

A: Yes, that`s why I have to use these ;) 15. Q: What is your favourite cooking show? A: David Rocco & Chuck Hughes - not sure if I just like to watch them or I like what they are cooking, or both;) 16. Q: What is your least favourite cooking show?

A: Iron Chef - cannot stand that show! 17. Q: Where do you find the time to bake such beautiful cakes with two young boys at home with you?

A: I usually do it piece by piece: 1) Get ingredients 2) Make fondant 3) Bake cakes 4) Decorate them..often this is over a 4 day period and usually done when the boys are sleeping.

18. Q: outie or an inie? ;)

A: Inie

19. Q: Is your hair naturally blonde or do you dye it?

A: Yes, when I was little I had blonde hair, now unfortunately I don’t. I use Sun-In to get it the colour it is. I’ve been using it since I was 13 and on my first trip to Hawaii!

20. Q: How do you wow Mr.L with your heart, looks and being a momma?

A: I am Shawna, quirks, passions and frustrations…and I don’t hold them back from him. I do however hold his words close to my heart; when he speaks I truly listen. And I send him love notes often...in the for of a song, words or a photo.

21. Q: What would be your best advice for people going through marital problems? A: Do not compare, everyone deals with life & stress differently – don’t put what you perceive their relationship to be as what yours should be. Don’t question your spouse’s intentions; take what they do for you at face value. If you have an expectation, make it known – they are not God thus don’t know what you need. Respect & honour will take your relationship further than you thought. Communicate on every level, physically especially – don’t be afraid to make known your needs. Everyone wants to be needed – not what they are not doing, but what they could do. Do not dwell on what was not done, but what they did do.

22. Q: What do you take in your coffee? A: Typically just black, or a little cream – no sugar; I am already sweet enough ;)

23. Q: What is your favourite dish to cook?

A: Roast Beef and any dessert!

24. Q: What is your biggest fear and pet peeve?

A: Fear: Throwing up :: Peeve: People chewing out loud.

25. Q: When you are having a (feel blah with how I look day?) How do you handle the inner dialogue?

A: Honestly, I do not think about it. I do not give it a place in my head to beat me up and condemn myself for something that I am not. It is fruitless. I just don’t go there!

26. Q: What is the hardest thing you have ever done in your life?

A: Hold on to the promises the God has given to us.

27. Q: What is the most frequent thing you and your husband argue about?

A: I had to ask Mr. L about this one. I could not really figure out an answer. So here is what we came up with, we do not really argue per say but we do disagree on SO many things! We are definitely opposites, and so when we are having a disagreement and we cannot find a common ground. I usually just fold and pull my side down, not very often is it worth keeping the disagreement going. So we choose to agree to disagree.

28. Q: Is there a hobby you'd like to take up but just don't have the time for right now?

A: Absolutely --- Everything! I would love to try everything….well except maybe skiing. Other than that, I would love to do so many things! One of them in particular would be horse back riding.

29.Q: What is your favourite meal to make for dinner? [and feel free to share the recipe!!]

A: Roast Beast, as we call it. With all the trimmings, mashed potatoes, corn, asparagus, buns…ahhh, I think I am hungry now!

30.Q: What is your favourite drink from Starbucks?

A: Long pour Americano or a Frap in the summer…however they are not half as good as Moccachino’s fraps {remember those Nickie?}


: WILW :

Randomness today....sorry lovelies, I thought I had more things I love this week, but we seem to be a few shy! Oh well, here they are anyway!

I am all about highlighters for the face and this week while I was at one of my favorite stores I found this one by Elf. It is not expensive and is a lovely colour...super find in my books!

I am officially addicted as is Mr.L to this particular brand of Mac nuts, just to go to our Costco and find none on the shelves! What are we going to do! Eeeekkkkkkkk!

And last but not least I am loving these rainy days and any excuse to wear rain boots. Especially when your girlfriend finds them on sale for a STEAL!!! (Thanks TC - I owe ya!) Maybe there will be a new post coming called Rainy-Day Chic ;)

I am off and running today as we have so much going on, I will update y'all on that later though. For now stay dry and take time to read a book have a sip of coffee and enjoy watching the rain fall!


*Ps. If you can guess where I purchased my all over face shimmer, there might just be a draw for one ;)


: Weekend:Full Circle :

We had a very full weekend --- from showings in and out of our house on Thursday & Friday and second showings {fingers crossed}...To making a cake for a new baby to prepping for a birthday & funeral. We went full circle this weekend.
First it started out with a cake to celebrate a certain special little boys arrival, what a delight it was to celebrate with my friend. So good to see my special friends from my growing up years, the ones who put up with my Shania Twain & Celine Dion obsession throughout high school youth trips...oh, it was so fun! Some of us married with kids, others married, and others not yet married enjoying city life...yet all of us get together and feel like old times. Such an amazing bond! Congratulations Steph&Ryan and welcome Baby Ezra!
From one degree to the complete opposite degree life was celebrated in full. I went straight from the baby shower onto a funeral for a family friend {she was one of the many friends I made by my older brother dating her - Thanks J, I owe you} -- Her father passed away into the arms of Jesus suddenly just over a week ago. God was gracious and gave them time to be with him here on earth before taking on his new body in heaven. This was a true celebration of a life full, well lived and filled with Christ's love. Such an emotion filled celebration.
I then headed home to be with my boys and have some time as a family because while I was off celebrating the two opposite degrees of life, they were celebrating a dual birthday for two of their special friends...what a day!

I am thankful that God sent Jesus for us, that Jesus sacrificed himself for our eternal life and that all day we were able to celebrate that life that God gave to us abundantly, overflowing and full of joy.

*Sorry it took so long to post this today...my site has been down most of the day -- maybe due to the high volume of anonymous questions y'all have been sending me - Bah ha ha*



Well it is that time of the year again...Ask Shawna a Question Day! Bah Ha Ha! Yeah, I know you have all been waiting with baited breath for me to post another ASAQD ;)

Here are some other ASAQD posts here
& here

So, if you are new to this post here are the rules:

No. 1 - There are no rules.
No. 2 - Ask me whatever you want.
No. 3 - If you have never posted a comment on here, now is your chance.
No. 4 - You can post your question anonymously if you are too shy to have your name attached to it.
No. 5 - Again, there are no rules.
No. 6 - Have FUN!

Happy Monday Lovelies! Hope you had a great weekend!

Oh, I forgot to add, the questions will all be answered in full on Thursday!
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