: April 1st = March in Photos :

This is not an original idea, but I loved seeing it on my girlfriend Jamie Delaine's blog, so I thought I'd share too! Thanks Jame for the idea ;)

|No. 1 - The cake that was eaten before it was iced|No. 2 - My newly re-vamped office|No. 3 - Bath time joy|No. 4 - I found an extra $20 in my wallet, an extra little blessing -- this was big news hence the fact that I took a photo of it ;)|No. 5 -Extra little blessings @ home with me for the day| No. 6 - Starfrit anniversary apple peeler...must get one if you don't have one!|No. 7 - Snacks, note and cash for Mr. L for a trip out of town. He left in the dark and didn't see it, I sent him this photo to show him what he missed by not turning on the lights!|No. 8 - Cole threw up so he was having a detox bath and JJ was keeping him company|No. 9 - JJ gathered up all the recycling in the kitchen and was taking it to the bin in the garage..I took a photo of him to send to Mr. L, such a great help JJ!| No. 10 - Cole {aka:Crash} touched a hot element on the stove|No. 11 - Reading & texting in the bath|No. 12 - Spring blooms just about to come out|No. 13 - Going for a cruise w/ Daddy in Grampy's car|No. 14 - Fetching the mail for the out-of-towners|No. 15 - Freshly cleaned carpets..ahhhh|No. 16 - My new boots - LOVE!|

Happy April Lovelies!


susan said...

I can't see your photo, boo!

Shawna said...

@Susan: Check it now...for some reason I had to re-load the photo - xo*S

Joanne said...

Okay...you have to post Auntie Carolee's icing recipe.....I can eat a bowl of in all. by. my. self. Trust me, I know this to be true!

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