: Weekend:Full Circle :

We had a very full weekend --- from showings in and out of our house on Thursday & Friday and second showings {fingers crossed}...To making a cake for a new baby to prepping for a birthday & funeral. We went full circle this weekend.
First it started out with a cake to celebrate a certain special little boys arrival, what a delight it was to celebrate with my friend. So good to see my special friends from my growing up years, the ones who put up with my Shania Twain & Celine Dion obsession throughout high school youth trips...oh, it was so fun! Some of us married with kids, others married, and others not yet married enjoying city life...yet all of us get together and feel like old times. Such an amazing bond! Congratulations Steph&Ryan and welcome Baby Ezra!
From one degree to the complete opposite degree life was celebrated in full. I went straight from the baby shower onto a funeral for a family friend {she was one of the many friends I made by my older brother dating her - Thanks J, I owe you} -- Her father passed away into the arms of Jesus suddenly just over a week ago. God was gracious and gave them time to be with him here on earth before taking on his new body in heaven. This was a true celebration of a life full, well lived and filled with Christ's love. Such an emotion filled celebration.
I then headed home to be with my boys and have some time as a family because while I was off celebrating the two opposite degrees of life, they were celebrating a dual birthday for two of their special friends...what a day!

I am thankful that God sent Jesus for us, that Jesus sacrificed himself for our eternal life and that all day we were able to celebrate that life that God gave to us abundantly, overflowing and full of joy.

*Sorry it took so long to post this today...my site has been down most of the day -- maybe due to the high volume of anonymous questions y'all have been sending me - Bah ha ha*

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Jody & Melissa said...

Gorgeous cake! You are one talented lady!! We missed you Saturday, but thank you for sending your boys to play with us xoxox

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