: WILW :

Randomness today....sorry lovelies, I thought I had more things I love this week, but we seem to be a few shy! Oh well, here they are anyway!

I am all about highlighters for the face and this week while I was at one of my favorite stores I found this one by Elf. It is not expensive and is a lovely colour...super find in my books!

I am officially addicted as is Mr.L to this particular brand of Mac nuts, just to go to our Costco and find none on the shelves! What are we going to do! Eeeekkkkkkkk!

And last but not least I am loving these rainy days and any excuse to wear rain boots. Especially when your girlfriend finds them on sale for a STEAL!!! (Thanks TC - I owe ya!) Maybe there will be a new post coming called Rainy-Day Chic ;)

I am off and running today as we have so much going on, I will update y'all on that later though. For now stay dry and take time to read a book have a sip of coffee and enjoy watching the rain fall!


*Ps. If you can guess where I purchased my all over face shimmer, there might just be a draw for one ;)


Christy said...

I'm gonna say Target or Big Lots?

The Samy's said...

Dollar Tree? haha

Roo said...


The Samy's said...

London Drugs ;)
Also where did your friend find the Hunter boots and how much?

Trista Cooper said...

I got the hunter boots in Calgary at Joneve, I paid $40.00, regualary $160.00. Love them in fact I am wearing my super cute Red ones today!!!

Lisa B. said...


Trista Cooper said...


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