: Like I was saying.. :

..I get tired but not often weary. Well that theory went out the window last night. We had an accepted offer on our house, not pending anything but the inspection. So since last Friday {remember the crazy weekend} we have had this offer accepted on our house, subject to inspection. Wednesday was inspection and although our house is far from perfect and it's 30 years old -- it's in r e a l l y good shape...
Well we got news last night that the offer has collapsed -- this was a devastating end to our week. I was just a little stressed {note random zits all over me!} about the whole house selling situation and this was just the thing to push me over the edge. I was weary - in heart and body.

Apparently the not-so-bias inspector played up the 30 year old windows/15 year old furnace & water heater -- as things that NEED to be replaced. Their agent is furious as they knew these things before the inspection was conducted. So here we are waiting on the news that the offer has fallen through. Back to having showings and waiting on putting an offer in on a new place. Boo!!!

Today I feel better, I feel like everything happens for a reason. For it all happens in God's timing not ours and we trust Him first.

I did sleep last night and felt rested this morning. Last night I lit candles, gave myself a pedicure
and watched one of my favorite shows --- relatively relaxing seeing as the circumstances were not.

Anyways, onward and upward!

I'm wearing my new Hunter boots today & I loves them...God new I needed something today, so he granted me rain ;)

Hope y'all have a fabby weekend...I'll be back at some point -- I'm having some technical issues, so hopefully I'll get them figured out!

{ XoXo }


Christy said...

Proof that a new pair of *BOOTS* can change your life.
Praying for you sister! Rock those new Hunters!

Nadine said...

Like you said, God always has a reason. Praying for peace and a sale for you and your fam.

Carolee said...

Hey - could be that your dream home isn't up for sale quite yet but will be soon. Being the multi-tasker that He is - maybe God's delaying your sale until your new house is available AND reminding you about the 'joys' of being patient and trusting (speaking from experience on that one!)


Shawna said...

Thanks for the words lovelies! Y'all made me feel so good!

Lisa B. said...

I agree with Carolee...couldn't have said it better myself!
HE wants the BEST for you and your Laddy boys, not just okay, but the knock your socks off best! So, that place is just around the corner.


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