:: A S A Q D ::

:: Okay in an attempt to spice up this day (it's very blah here in Vanc. today) I've decided to do something I've never done before. Ready for it? Here it comes...::

:: Here are the rules ::

No. 1 - There are no rules.
No. 2 - Ask me whatever you want.
No. 3 - If you have never posted a comment on here, now is your chance.
No. 4 - You can post your question anonymously if you are too shy to have your name attached to it.
No. 5 - Again, there are no rules.
No. 6 - Have fun!

* * *

:: Edited to add answers ::

Q: What kind of camera would you buy if money were no object?
A: I would buy two, one for my purse so that I always have a quality camera within reach and then I would buy a bigger one for photo shoots and deliberate shots.

This would be my purse one:

And I would like a Canon like this one or the Nikon equivalent:

Q: What is your favorite beauty product?

A: Yikes, this is a hard one...I have a few things that I absolutely love ::

* Lip gloss, doesn't really matter how cheap or expensive as long as it's clear and shiny it's all good

* Mascara, I really like mascara....don't wear it every day but it is a favorite and I have used this one forever:

* Self Tanner, I want to look good when I get old so I use self tanner instead of the natural sun (most of the time!* Sun-In, I don't "dye" my hair but I do use a form of peroxide in it called Sun-In. It works like a charm and I pay $8.00 for a bottle and the bottle lasts me the whole year through

Q: What decorating style are you?

A: I don't know? I would say I'm have quite a mix of styles...I like fresh clean lines, but on the more traditional side of clean...not modern. I wouldn't say that I have a "style" I just like what I like. It sometimes changes but pretty much stays the same.

I have always loved white, all white, white, white, white. If I lived by myself with no kids or boys for that matter I would have white everywhere. It's just not practical for my life right now.

I don't like wood, most of my items in my house if they are wood they are painted...I know someone is turning over in their grave but natural wood is just not my style. I do have bits and pieces of it here and there for contrast (& Paul's) sake :)

Q: How did you meet your husband, tell us your 'story'

A: Here is a synopsis of our relationship thus far, it's a fairly loaded question, so it may be a post all to itself:

We met in April 1999 @ bible study

I liked him immediately, for him not so much

Started dating July 18 1999

First kiss 5 nights after we started dating

He told me he loved me 10 days after we started dating, I waited to tell him I loved him until we had been dating for 3 months (I know I'm a jerk!)

We got engaged on March 30th 2002

Married on September 21 2002

Q: What did you want to be when you grew up? (As a child, then as a teen?)

A: A Policewoman or a Nurse - they still remain the same, I have variables in my life that are not conducive to doing either

Q: What's your favourite outfit?

A: Anything that is in a size 8 - kidding, no, no I'm not kidding....I would just be happy to be a size 8 again.

Q: Can you pick a favourite movie?

A: That's easy, "Hope Floats".

Q: What do you like on your popcorn?

A: Butter & Salt - I'm French ya know!

Q: How do you take your coffee?

A: Black, my other lover is coffee.

Q: What's your favourite snack food at Starbucks?

A: I don't really have one, I always get the fruit 'n grain bar because it's nutritionally the best thing for me, but typically I just get an 1/2 caf americano extra hot

Q: What is the hardest part of your day?

A: I don't think I have a "hardest part" of my day, it just depends on what I have planned for my day. But typically what I find to be the most difficult on an ongoing basis is getting myself ready as well as everyone else in the house. I'm always last on the list.

Q: If you could go away for one day, where would you go? and what would you do?

A: Charter a plane to Hawaii with Paul & I and spend 12 hours there playing in the sun & surf, watch the sunset from a lanai while we are enjoying dinner, then head back home. 6 hours there + 12 hours enjoying Hawaii and then 6 hours home = perfect day!

Q: If you had 15 dollars to spend, what would you do with it?

A: I would go to Michael's to buy a set of fondant cutters that I saw the other day then take the other $10 and walk to Starbucks with my boys tonight and buy us each a coffee and share a treat

Q: Favourite scent?

A: Anything tropical ~ Coconut or Satsuma (that is currently what I am wearing) or Peony body spray by Bath & Bodyworks

Q: Best time saving tip?

A: Life is too short to be un-organized- I want to be organized so I can enjoy what I'm doing for the rest of the day (that is my motto when Paul says I'm micro managing/organizing our life @ midnight).

A: Do your make-up in the car - if you are ever looking for my make-up at my house you will never find it. It is always in my car. I have never had a car accident while doing my make-up, they have all been caused by other factors ;)

Q: What would your ideal date be with Paul?

A: A night downtown Vancouver, dinner out, a hotel room, Granville island for a picnic lunch and walking around the sea wall.

Q: What is your favourite item of clothing in your closet right now?

A: My little black linen & cotton two button shrug that I got for $14-

Q: Do you have a mentor or someone of inspiration for life?

A: I have lots of influential people in my life that I draw different things from. I have a wonderful resource of family & friends that when called upon will mentor and support me.

Q: Biggest fear?

A: Throwing up.

Q: Favorite food?
A: This is a really hard one, but I do love a wonderful Grilled Chicken Salad (Milestones has a great one)

Q: Favorite recipe?

A: It depends what I'm making


Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip


Classy Chicken


Social Apple Betty or Pavlova or . . . I love making desserts!

Q: If you could go on a missions trip anywhere, where would you go?

A: Ooohh this is a loaded question

1) I would return to Albania and travel through Macedonia to Kosovo again

2) I would LOVE to go to Israel...that is a dream of mine to do with my boys when they are old enough

Q: Biggest regret? (this one may be too personal, so no worries if you don't want to answer)

A: I really can't think of any regrets, not worth mentioning at least ("I wish I wouldn't have had that brownie last night" - that is a regret of mine).

I asked Paul and he said, "I don't think you have any specific regrets do you?" and honestly, I don't. I have taken everything I have been dealt and everything that I have chosen to do and turned it to being a positive in my life.

I think I came out of the womb knowing what I wanted and how I wanted it. I'm pretty sure of what is good for me and what I'm going to regret. So I don't take the chance on doing something that I might regret.

Q: What are you most proud of?

A: My trust in the Lord

Q: What does the word "family" mean to you?

A: It is everything to me


Cathy said...

What kind of camera would you buy if money were no object?

What is your favourite beauty product?

What decorating style are you?

Rachel said...

How did you meet your husband? Tell us your 'story'!

Shawna said...

See answers on the post :)

Thanks for the questions gals!

jamiedelaine said...

Ah! I saw this at school, but I couldn't post because our school blogs certain sites...under the 'entertainment' category. Haha! I was going to ask a few! One was how long you dated Paul, but somebody got to that before me (you should do a big post on that one day! I like love stories...obviously.) I agree with the WHITE thing. I love WHITE. Feels SO clean!! :)

1) What did you want to be when you grew up? (As a child, then as a teen?)

2) What's your favourite outfit?

3) Can you pick a favourite movie?

4) What do you like on your popcorn?

5) How do you take your coffee?

6) What's your favourite snack food at Starbucks?

That'll keep you busy. :)

Shawna said...

Thanks for your Q&A Jamie - the answers are now posted :)

Cathy said...

OK, I have one of your dream cameras! the Canon Rebel XTi, and I LOVE the Green Mentha clear gloss (my sis bought that for me) And, I love white...I have white slipcovers on my living room furniture...and I LOVE painted wood!!

Fun! Should we ask more LOL!

Cathy said...

PS...you get great blonde colour with the sun in...has it changed from back in 'tha day?' I am tempted. I also don't do a lot of sun. I am wanting to try a sunless tanner too...oh...and we use the same mascara! I am in love with the 'carbon black' these days!!

Shawna said...

Cathy :: I'm happy you are enjoying my dream camera;)

And it so does not surprise me that we use the same products...my fav lip gloss is the mentha one...I got the vanilla cola & cinnamon last year and they were fabulous too!

As for the sun-in I don't know if it has changed since back in "tha day" cause I've been using it since back in "tha day"...I used it when I was 13 and in Hawaii on vacation and I've been using it ever since!

And the BEST sunless tanner is the Dove brand...I've used expensive and super cheap. It runs middle of the road and is so worth it. Especially at this time of the year when we don't have much sun on our parts :)

It really doesn't surprise me that we have the same taste!

Thanks for all of your questions y'all!

I'm off to set up for my card-making night - have a great night!

Keep the questions coming, I'll try and answer them tonight, if not tonight, tomorrow for sure!

Cathy said...

I am putting the DOVE sunless tanner on my list OH yeah!!! Thanks for that!!

Cathy said...

What is the hardest part of your day?

If you could go away for one day, where would you go? and what would you do?

If you had 15 dollars to spend, what you do with it?

Favourite scent?

Best time saving tip?

Lisa B. said...

Here's a few ????'s for ya:

1. What would your ideal date be with Paul?

2. What is your favourite item of clothing in your closet right now?

3. Do you have a mentor or someone of inspiration for life?

Nickie said...

This is so much fun!!!

So, a few comments first... I'm with you on the white and the clean lines but no wood is sacrilege!!! (sp?). Love Dove sunless tanner too. Ever since living in Taiwan and seeing how amazingly young they look because they do not let the sun get on their skin, I've gone away from my tanning ways.

As for the what you wanna be when you grow up, excellent choice :)

OK... questions....

Biggest fear?

Favorite food?

Favorite recipe?

If you could go on a missions trip anywhere, where would you go?

Biggest regret? (this one may be too personal, so no worries if you don't want to answer)

What are you most proud of?

That should keep you going for a while! :)

Christy said...

You're hilarious Shawna.......let's see if I can think of something creative. Umm.....what does the word "family" mean to you?
Loves ya!

Shawna said...

Thanks for all of your questions ladies!

Hopefully it gave you a deeper look into what I'm all about :)

New post coming up from my card making night last night!

Happy TGIF - The weekend came quick this week.

Thank you Lord!

turningoveranewleaf said...

this isn't a question so much as a request! now that you've told us how you and paul met- can we see a wedding photo sometime?!

Shawna said...

Steph - per your request the photos are up of our wedding - check out the blog.

Thanks all for joining in...if you have any other questions please feel free to ask!

Annika said...

LOVED this post of yours. You are a really amazing and inspiring person and your positive attitude towards life and your love of God and how it affects your life and all those around you is really incredible.
I enjoy your blog to no end!

Rachel said...

Oh I used to use Sun-In all the time! How often do you use it?
Do you use your blow-dryer to activate it or sit in the sun (not that we ever have any sun around here!)?
Maybe it's time to buy a bottle for old times sake.

Shawna said...

Rachel, as for the sun-in, during the winter I just use the blow dryer to activate the sun-in.

But from the spring on I just spray a bit in my hair prior to going outside and it works like a charm.

Last weekend I put a bit on it and my hair is now nicely blonde...I love it!

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