:: Request from A S A Q D ::

:: Per the bellow request ...

" this isn't a question so much as a request! now that you've told us how you and paul met- can we see a wedding photo sometime?! "

...here are pictures of our beautiful wedding. Because we were united in marriage before the digital revolution I had to dig these out of the crawl space and scan them in ::

:: It was a great flashback to our amazing wedding day and a fabulous kick in the butt to get loosing the baby weight that I gained by not having a baby (ha!) ::

* Wedding Day Stats *

September 21, 2002

Paul was 25

I was 21

Ceremony @ Christian Life Assembly in Langley

Reception @ Northview Golf & Country Club in Surrey

Photo's by Yaletown Wedding Gallery

* The song I walked down the isle to is still by far my favorite song, as far as isle walks go! It's called Highlands Cathedral by Amy Grant. Click on the link below then under her picture it says "listen to samples" click on that and it's number five. When the song climaxes (near the end of the sample) that is when the doors opened and my Dad & I started down the isle.
This was at 10:14 am (aprox) and it was the first time Paul saw me.
It was my most favorite memory of the day!


jamiedelaine said...

I ADORE your wedding photos!! :)

Shawna said...

thanks - I love them too!

I have no regrets paying what we did!

Rachel said...

You're very beautiful Shawna!

Lisa B. said...

I love the wedding pics.....but, the last one of you and Paul walking out of the doors of the sanctuary is proof of our never-ending theory - he was beamed from the '50s - looks like a'50s guy to me. (In a good way Pauly!)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! i love the second last shot.

Michelle said...

What beautiful photos. I remember seeing "your story" in The Province newspaper years before we ever met. I had even cut out the picture for hair ideas, you looked fantastic!

jamiedelaine said...

I came across this post again. I like it. :)

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