: Really!?! :

Is it really September 1st!!! Where did that Summer go? Oh well, doesn't matter cause we're heading into schedule, sweaters+boots, warm starbucks drinks all the while enjoying wearing sunglasses! I {just in case you're new to my blog} LOVE Autumn, Fall, September....It has always felt like a new start, a new year, a new season {maybe that's because it is-HA!}.Here are a few photos I found on Pinterest that remind me of everything I love about Fall! Let's raise a warm cup'0starbucks to a new month, a new season, a new schedule and full of God's blessing! I'm off to do more work today, but that's okay -- it's not super hot around here today and apparently, I'm just fine with that ;) Have a happy Friday lovelies & thanks for stopping by! {XoXo}


Anonymous said...

Happy September S!!! Ummm can you style me for the fall?! I don't ever know what to do with myself! I should love fall, but I don't. Going to try to like it, as my birthday is in October. :D

JaneanBennett said...

Well normally you describe every item in your montage...I love the sweater, and the purse, and the boots and the watch...who, what, where?

Shawna said...

@Cathy: You're gorgeous!!!! Seriously! But I might try and do up a style board on polyvore that uses some looks that you can get at our local RCSS ;)

@MissJaneanB: Hahahha -- that's not my style board, I just re-pinned it off of Pinterest...here is the link to the original Polyvore post:http://www.polyvore.com/comfy_casual/set?id=35049673

Happy Long Weekend Lovelies! Xo

Canadian Kristin said...

K, lady. {want} that brown purse... please, let me know where super-bargain-girl you find it!!

Happy Fall Mrs L... and happy Pumpkin Spice Chai tomorrow!!!

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