: Noon Edition * What I LOVE Wednesday :

Here is my list for this week, not very exciting but it's true and that's what matters ;)

I wasn't sure if I could get into "Pinterest" but oh, oh, oh, I love it for my place to go for decor and fashion items as well as diy projects! So fun to have a place to put all the photos of the stuff I love! {Click one logo to go to my Pinterest or search Shawnalad}
Have you seen "Million Dollar Decorators" -- I love that show! Love the decor, the french maid and Mary....seriously different world to what I live in but that's what makes it SO fun!

Can't wait for the new year and to enjoy my Erin Condren planner...I love that my phone can hold important dates and has a calendar, but I just can't do without a paper one copy of life ;) As the kids get older there are more things to keep track of and my mind just doesn't work right if I don't write things down!
Looking forward to enjoying a new Sarah Jessica Parker movie coming out in September. Looks to be a good laugh and I really enjoy SJP when she's in a movie, not so much in real life but I always love the way she is styled in movies; classically chic. Plus Peirce Brosnan is one of my favorite actors and he's in it too ;)

Hope you have things that you love too and are able to enjoy them today!

Hop over to my Seesters blog and leave her a comment, she's looking mighty fine being a Mommaof2!

Happy Wednesday!


Christy said...

Dude....never even HEARD of that movie :) Looks cute! And thanks for the shout out....miss ya! CALL MEE!

bari said...

shawna! you should have linked to your pinterest. im in love with it and want to follow you ;)

Nickie said...

I just joined pinterest too! Post your name so we can follow.

Shawna said...

Thanks for your comments girls, I've added my pinterest log in name as well as a link to my boards...hope to see you over there ;)

Canadian Kristin said...

Shawna, did you order the planner? It looks fantastic, wish I would have heard about it early enough to have it ordered and arrived by Tuesday!

Jennifer said...

SHAWNA!! holy blogging roll! LOVE IT ALL...need to go back and re-read as I quickly skimmed. Going to start Pinterest with your link. Although.....I have SOO much time!Bahahha!! but love all the cool pics/links in it!!

LOVE your blog....<3 Jen

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