:: Mothers Day * The story behind the photo ::

:: Normally this would look like just another cute photo of my littlest big boy and me ::

:: But no, there is quite the story behind this photo ::

:: You see my Dad takes our whole family out to a beautiful little golf course in Fort Langley every Mothers Day. Well this is the first year that I have had two little ones mobile and with little minds that have a thought pattern of their own ::

:: We had pretty much finished up lunch and so I thought I would take the boys out to the garden and let them run around a while, it was great until Cole decided to run down the hill, faster than I could in my boots, then turn around to look at me with his hands in the air and then directly bolt {and I mean bolt} towards the pond {see the good Mama is still taking pictures} ::

:: I know you want to see a closer view, so here it is...do you see the thought running through his little head "look she's way up that hill, if I turn around & give her another reason to take my picture I have a really good shot at getting into that pond!" - He was right! ::

:: I swiftly and unworried looking as possible follow him, thinking -- there is no way he would actually go in that there pond. No way. Yes way. Now if you know Cole, this wouldn't really surprise you. He took a large step and kurplunk into the water he went. He then started swimming! So by the time I got to him {Nikon in hand and leather boot on foot} I didn't know what to do, do I drop the camera possibly damaging it, do I have time to take my boot off and step in the scum water or do I just let him swim and call him back to me as he was enjoying his little dip?!??! I swiftly but gently drop my camera on the dry grass & moved my right leather boot fitted foot as far into the water as possible {a good 5 ft - I'm not that tall!} and kept my left foot on the dry grass to keep my footing. All this while Grammie SCREAMED from the top of the hill and then disappeared to find the daddy to this little pond scum boy ::

:: Yup, that was my happy mothers day from my little boy! And get this, all of this happened oh, say around 1:00 pm --- while all the golfers from the morning were having their lunch on the deck. Yup, right in plain sight this all happened. So after I pulled my very happy water logged boy out of the pond, I turned around to have the whole patio of golf-goers clap and cheer for me. So what do I do? Curtsy and take my soaking child to higher ground and Daddy who can't believe that I would let this happen - men say the darnedest things! ::

:: So the picture of Cole & I at the top of the post is when we were walking to see all of our audience on the deck. And what do you know, there were people who knew us on the deck and said to each other when the whole event unfolded "doesn't that look like Shawna" - oh yeah, I leave my mark everywhere! ::

:: Ps. Big Brother was very upset that this happened to Cole, and so the rest of the afternoon all Cole heard from Jacob was "COOOLe, No" with a very firm pointed finger - but no harm or water was ingested, his collar of his golf shirt was completely dry, see he really was swimming! ::

:: PPs. Being the Mama to two boys I had packed a full change of clothes for each of the boys from head to toe, so it didn't cramp our plans for the rest of the afternoon...oh and my boot dried out perfectly and is back to normal ::


Crystal said...

what a little stinker!

Cathy said...

Oh my goodness!! That is a crazy story and some awesome memories ;D

Sarah said...

Oh dear. I can see that happening to us too! Thanks for the story, I enjoyed it!

Joanne said...

Gotta love that wee gink...life will be VERY interesting with him in it!!

Nadine said...

Thanks for sharing this story, Shawna. Your boys are always entertaining to read about. One thing about it you will have lots of fun stories and memories with those two.

Carrie said...

There is just something about second borns...my Joshua has a similar story. Oh, he keeps me on my toes & a prayin'

Kori said...

I can already picture them talking about this for years to come :)

You look very accomplished in that top photo :)

Shawna said...

Thanks for all your comments girls, he sure does keep us on our toes! However he also keeps as laughing real hard!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) you should look at that emo boy one on this blog:

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