:: God of This City ::

:: I heard this song sung by Natalie Grant at the Life Womens Conference a couple weekends ago and it was amazing to sing along with ::

:: Then when all of this frenzy with American Idol came about last week {I, not being a follower of AI} didn't realize that Kris Allen was a Christian until my Girlfriend posted this video on her website ::

:: The song has quite the story, apparently a band from Scotland who wrote the song was on tour in Thailand and they were singing in a bar as they had no other venue to sing at & the stairs were littered with little girls. Little sweet girls waiting to be bought. That was the first time they publicly sang "God of this City" ~ "For greater things have yet to come, and greater things are still to be done in this city" ::


Crystal said...

I knew Danny was a christian(another contestant), and had a feeling Chris was..so that is cool to hear;) That song is a chris tomlin song on his CD hello love..its a great song! but do love natalie grant, and would love to hear her version!

Kandis said...

all I can say is ..LOVE IT!!

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