:: Don't forget to Vote! ::

:: Hey Lovelies -- I just wanted to remind you that I have a few days left to win a room make-over through Benjamin Moore's "Share Your Style" ::

:: I'm currently 14th of 149, which isn't bad -- but it's not a win, so keep those votes coming, apparently you can vote as many times as you want. I would SO appreciate your vote! ::

:: Thank You Muchly! ::


Christy said...

Pretty sure I just voted at least 20 times!
Good Luck!

Nadine said...

Just wanted to mention that you might want to correct the link to go directly to your Kitchen. It's going to their main page right now.

Hope that helps. Oh and I have votes too many time to count and will continue to. hehe Good Luck!!!!

Kori said...

13th now!

Lisa B. said...

I voted a ton too...so you'll be working your way back up the ranks in no time!

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