:: Reality TV - Jon + Kate ::

:: It TEARS me up to have watched the carnage that the world has made of this beautiful thing that God made. I HATE the fact that Jon + Kate have decided to go ahead and let Satan have a foot hold in their lives. I BELIEVE that they chose to continue with the show against their better judgement (+ Jons choice of not wanting to be "Jon + Kate plus 8 anymore) ::

:: In Jon's original vows and the ones that he recited in Hawaii at their vow renewal he stated that they would "face new and challenging experiences together" emphasis on the TOGETHER - it seriously breaks my heart ::

:: Now not getting too deep on the subject, but there is something that God has taught us women, that is to listen to the head of the household {our husbands} not that we have to roll over and not use our brains or give our own input or thoughts, but that when our husbands feel passionately enough about a situation/issue/problem that they speak to us about it, we are to listen and heed their feelings and validate them. Satan/the world doesn't preach this to us, we are told that we can do/be/achieve anything a man does and sometimes do it better. Like I said I don't want to get into this too deep, but there is a point in time that we need to be still, listen and heed our husbands desires, it is dangerous for all involved not to ::

Here are snip its from Jon & Kate's Wedding (original & renewal in Hawaii in 2008)

:: If you want to hear a different side of the story you can go here, remember Aunt Jodi? Yup you do, the cute SIL to Kate {Kate's brothers wife} -- This link is from her sisters blog - you follow? ::

:: Tomorrow morning, update on how Jillian is doing ::

:: PS. Please PRAY for Jon + Kate, I'm sure no matter how messed up the story is, or what the truth looks like, that God cares for them and that His desire is to see them repent, return and not re-run over the past 8 months of crap. Pray they can overcome, I know I will be!


Anita said...

Just saw your post on my google reader and thought I'd leave a comment! I first saw this show in the beginning of December at my gym. I know alot of ppl who seem to really like it... but my first impression was that it was pretty obvious that something wasn't right in their marriage. I think as Christians the enemy will try to destroy our marriages even more than people in the world, because it's us that he wants to bring down with him. I completely agree with you that Kate should have listened to him when he didn't want to continue the show... it's a very sad situation to hear about, and hopefully their children won't be too confused through all of this. When someone chooses to go on TV and claim to know Jesus they need to realize that they are putting a huge responsibility on themselves to live that out... because literally, everyone is watching... definitely will pray that they humble themselves before the Lord, repent of their sins, and desire to have true restoration as a married couple.

Christy said...

I dont't watch the show and based on what I hear I'm glad I'm not supporting it by watching....I even read something from a family member begging people not to watch so ratings would drop and the show would be cancelled. Certainly praying for them....

Crystal said...

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but i think its easy to point fingers and put blame..yes mistakes were made, but really that we are human we make mistakes, we need to ask for forgiveness and let God start to heal. Its easy to say what we think they should have done or shouldn't but like I am learning so much right now..you don't know until you have walked in someones shoes. I think the episode last night was a samrt move..in the sense that so much garbage is out there about what is going on that them being raw and honest and truthful hopefully cleared up soem of the mess...but at the end of the day its devestating, and all we can do is pray for them.

Crystal said...

ok, one more little rant...cause i just looked at the link to the other blog..that is horrible. I am sorry, but in my opinion, aunt Jodie and kate's brother are no better. I am sure they are getting a nice big cheque for those interviews and what about the damage they are doing to their nieces and nephews by slandering their mom...so sad:(

Rachel said...

I watched and was deeply saddened by the pain on both their faces. They need to step back from the show and focus on their marriage and family.

Shawna said...

It is very easy to point fingers, that is for sure. However, we don't know the truth and I personally believe that Jon has been made out to be the one that is "wrong" or a "jerk" because there are physical (pictures) of his actions. Why I posted the links from Jodi & Kate's brother was because there is a whole other story that none of us have heard. I just hope that the real truth (non-hollywood) comes out for them and that they can work through it.

I literally teared up when I was writing this post and researching for their vows. It's such a horrible place for them to be in.

It's not easy for me to say that I wish they would have stepped back from the show, I say that because back in season 2 Kate said "this show is to document our children growing up and nothing more". She stated that and in the midst of going through season to season and living life with 8 children, the goal got lost and buried under thousands of dollars. Who knows, maybe they wouldn't have lasted even if the show didn't go on? I don't know.

What I do know is that the pressure that Kate has felt to keep the show going for the hope that she gives to other moms. As she has stated this in two of her interviews within the last week. That she feels the show gives hope. So the reasons that they originally agreed to do the show has changed, partially due to the way the show makes them feel and provides for them.

I know this feeling cause I too have felt to do stuff because it makes others feel good, even if it causes damage to myself. It's a weird place to be that's for sure!

Like I said it's so muxed up and I really hope that they are able to step back and re-think their situation and family before going forward with the rest of the season.

Joanne said...

I agree...Dad and I are both sad by what we saw last night. But I think it is a good reminder for all of us....we are all being watched by someone, and as Christians, we are all witnesses of Him. Either good witnesses or bad witnesses. Everything we do is going to influence our family, friends, neighbours, even aquaintances. I pray that God would soften the hearts of Jon and Kate and that they would have a miraculous turn around for His glory and honor...what a testimony of God's grace in action that would be!!

Lisa B. said...

I pretty much agree with everything that has been said so far. I was so saddened by the show last night...it was heartbreaking to see what fame and fortune have done.
I pray for them daily and trust that God can move in their lives if they decide to put Him first again.

Crystal said...

yeh, they have it all over ET and stuff tonight..and watching there faces again just breaks my heart..again. Its just so sad:(

I just pray now that they can do everything the can to save their marriage...lets just pray really hard that God is going to do something amazing here and teach people an amazing lesson of redemption, forgiveness and healing through this, because that would just be so awesome!! I just pray that there church community...if they have one right now just scoops them up and loves them and those precious little kidlets!

Nadine said...

During the Off Season when all the rumors were flying I was in disbelief, and was a firm believer that it was all made up for the Tabloids. So last night I was so sad to see that they are really going through such a rough time, and to see their real emotions. (Well Kates, Jon is always a bit dry) I really hope that they can see the bigger picture and pull through this.

BTW, I can’t believe the Aunt Jodi and Kate’s Brother would speak on Camera in such a way. No matter what happens in ones family, I would every call my Sister out on TV for the World to see. That was a real shock.

Anita said...

I have to agree with you, Satan has definately gotten a hold of this family and stired it up! I feel really bad for this family too. I've watched the show on and off... whenever I am having a bad day.. I think, well it can't be going as crazy as Jon&Kates! It's probably silly I know 'cause they are on tv, but I feel really bad for them! I watched the season premier.. hoping that all the rumours I was hearing were just that - rumours. But while watching the show I could see the pain and strain on them and the family. I felt sooo bad! I really hope they can see what is happening to their family and lean on God as I'm sure they have done in the past. God is gracious and his plan is perfect... I pray that they are still praying for their family to mend! Blessings :)

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