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It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday! And to boot, it's SUNNY!!! I don't have much time to blab on and on, but I wanted to share with you my no. 52 & no. 51 blessings...just for ideas for y'all in case you want to join in {please let me know if you do join in!}

No. 52 :: package of tulips in an old peach jar, with a starbucks via attached to it -- easy peasy and so cute! Total cost: $4.50
No. 51 :: box of peppermint tea w/ a sleeve of ginger cookies & card a lovely little treat for a friend to enjoy once the kiddies are in bed! Total cost: $2.00
So as I was setting out to bless somebody else, we ended up being blessed by this sweet little package that was dropped off...a Starbucks card for moi and two chocolate suckers for each boy. Wow, how blessed did I feel!??! SO blessed! Thank you Auntie C!
We were downtown yesterday afternoon to pick something up and while we were in the parking lot Cole said to me; "mama, you just have to take my picture under the 4 - cause I won't be 4 for very much yonger" -- bah ha ha! But it's true, so I did take a photo; he's such a gem! I've got carpets to clean, coffee to drink, windows to clean {thanks to Mr. Sun} and a coffee date tonight, couldn't think of a better way to start the weekend off!

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jamiedelaine said...

that 4 picture is so so so cute.

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