: Good Morning Tuesday! :

Today is my random day Tuesday post...really, are Tuesday's not the most random day!?!? It's not the beginning of the week, it's not the mid point of the week, nothing really to look forward to and yet, it is still another day that just goes on!

I woke up to being side-swiped by a friend via an email, that didn't help with my "pot hole" incident the other day...oy vey! Anyway, dust off and get up -- all is resolved now but geepers!

So here's the excitement for the day...I continually wonder what women carry in their purses. Most of the time my purse is rather big {
lovingly called by Mr. L as my "black hole"} --- It's my life line, my helper and usually comes through in a pinch - ha ha - I'm kidding but I really do love my purse ;)

So here you go...my purse in all it's glory and junk!

I also found a few other random things when I was going through my purse and I'm going to give those away ::: Why not!?! It's Tuesday and it's kinda blah outside!

These super cute acrylic rose bud earrings made by nicolerobertsdesign :: She's a friend of mine and she's super talented & creative, check her out!
And I just so happened to have an extra cd from the cd release party we attended over the weekend ::: Ugh, these guys are SO talented -- can't wait to share this with one of you! {click here to take a little listen} They are heading out on tour today - Best of luck guys! *Here are the rules to win these two fabulous items, just leave a note and tell me why you think you deserve these two awesome delightfully wonderful items and "like" each of them on facebook here: NicoleRobertsDesign & here TheLeftBand you have till Thursday {another kinda weird day} to enter!*

Now I'm off to finish up cutting out these
I found these super cute printable ones on pinterest {ugh, do you know how much I LOVE that site!}

Okay, better get out of this little office and get something done since yesterday was such a write-off!

If you haven't already visited my seesters site to enter her give-away, you better do it now, you only have 24 hours left!

Ta-Ta for today!


Nat said...

Hi Shawna,
I've been reading your blog for a while now and this is my first comment! I deserve to win because I could really do with some more earrings! Lol. I keep loosing mine. :) Ps. I really enjoy reading your blog!

Kristin said...

Hey Lady,
I don't really "deserve" to win more than anyone else but I do love those earrings from the bottom of your purse and would love that new cd to bop to as I run errands!
Thanks for the chance to win!

susan said...

I love give-aways - and that's why you should pick me! ;-) Kidding! Those earings are so pretty and I'd like to take a listen to that cd.
Loving that you are blogging so frequently again!

Candice said...

I totally deserve to win ;P Okay, not really BUT...my CD/music collection is lacking inspiration right now. I am stuck between "kids music" and the stuff that I like and have been listening to FOREVER. I would LOVE to check out the LEFT, and well, NIcole is just so uber-talented that you can't not love her creations.

MamaConverse said...

Hey Shawna,
Fun idea! Super cute earrings! I don't deserve it in reality but in my mind today a pick me up would be great! Yesterday and today we had our first sleepover for the kids...4month old, 7 month old, 20 month old and 2 year old!! Busy busy! It's been fun and maybe cured me of 'the baby bug' for now haha. Hope you have a great day! I know I will sleep good tonight!!

Unknown said...

I would love to win..I like reading your blog :)

Jennifer said...

WELLLL.....I desperatley need new music as "Dora christmas" has been playing NON stop in my van UGH! AND because i can say Supercalifragilisticxpalidocious, and because I have double jointed elbows AND because I can do cool tongue tricks. Bahahha!! All joking aside. I don't deserve any of this but I am rather proud of myself losing a bunch of weight and having a LOVELY pal like yourself makes it even more fun :)

Christy said...

PICK ME! Cause I'm your most favourite island sister!

Shawna said...

ATTENTION: @"unknown" commenter --- Can't enter you in the draw unless I know who you are ;)

You can email me privately @ laderoutefamily@gmail.com to enter your name in the draw.


Ps. spread the news people only till midnight tonight will this post be open to commenting! LoveLove!

Ly said...

I don't deserve to win but I love your blog and love to win free things so count me in. Besides I'm part of the "clan" so should be considered :o) - Just kiddin'

Shawna said...

Thanks to all who entered...the contest is now closed :(

@Kristin, you're the WINNER! YaY! Congratulations!

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