: What I LOVE Wednesday :

Ahhh, it's Wednesday - mid point in the week & if I've made it this far I can make it through to the rest of the week with the promise of a great weekend!

Don't have many items that "I LOVE" so I'm going to share with you are recipe that I LOVE -- I was getting ready for a girls night out a couple weeks ago and I was making up goodie bags for everyone -- you know grown up goodie bags ;)
I included a water bottle, straw, bag of 1 cent candies & a cup of caramel corn...but not just any caramel corn, SALTED caramel corn...and boy oh boy was it delish!

So I can't help but share this SIMPLE & DELISH recipe. I don't often take the time to make caramel corn because of just that; it takes TIME! So I was happy when I found a recipe that didn't require time in a pot on the stove and in and out of the oven.

So here's the recipe:

Pop 6 cups popcorn, can be air popped or microwavable {if it is microwaveable popcorn, should be consumed within 12 hours...I'm sure this won't be an issue!}

Combine in microwaveable bowl for 3 minutes on high {until bubbling}
1/2 cup butter {1 cube}
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup corn syrup {or honey would do fine too}

Add below ingredients to above ingredients once boiled -- let that bubble away and DO NOT try and taste it, you'll be sorry ;)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp baking soda

Ensure your popcorn is in a HUGE bowl and pour caramel over popcorn, mix well then once it's almost set I take my sea salt {aprox. 1 tsp}and sprinkle a light dusting...this turns a relatively sweet snack into the perfect combination of salty&sweet!

{this is the sea salt I use}
FYI :: This is a soft caramel corn, not hard, if you would like it to be less chewy put on a cookie sheet and place in oven @ 200 F for 1 hour.

And finally lay on a cookie sheet and let cool for 1 hour. Then ENJOY & share it with someone! They will be thankful you did!

Don't forget to enter the draw -- that is if you want some new earrings&music -- who doesn't!?!?

Have a beautiful Wednesday Lovelies!


Christy said...

Yet again, it's I LOVE YOU Wednesday!

Rachel said...

My weakness.
Must resist!

Stephanie Jean said...

LOVE caramel popcorn...what a fun idea to do goodie bags for girls night out!! xo

Lyla said...

I love caramel corn - popcorn balls were my favorite treat to get at Halloween. Adding sea salt would make this even better. Thx for sharing this recipe!

Shawna said...

@Christy: I love you more...
@Rachel: try doing 3/4 the sugar and using honey and add another 3 cups of popcorn...less caramel, but still the same taste...best of both worlds!?
@Stephanie: yes, I've learned well from all the lifewomen events ;)
@Lyla: yes, you do love you some sweet & salty ;) I'll have to make a batch for you and your man and your Friday night movie nights ;)

Thanks for all the bloglove you girls! XoXoS*

Theresa said...

Yay! I will so make this. Thank you for sharing!

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