: Whew! :

What a weekend! Holy smokes --we were living a full {and fun} life this weekend. First we started off by having friends over for dinner on Friday night, always a nice way to start the weekend! And I got fresh flowers to boot!
Then Saturday I headed up to Cypress with this beautiful lady for some snow shoeing fun
Here is the group of us headed up the mountain, what a work out and a beautiful sight - can't wait to go back and do it again!
My snow shoes & crazy socks
Hollyburn lodge -- such a peaceful little getaway
Then that night we pretended we were kid-less young married's and headed into town to see "The Left" at their cd release party. What a blast we had! Olga & Me
Rich & Linds they were our car pool buddies and boy did we have a blast! CarlUs :: Poor Mr. L had a bit of shock from the flash being so bright, haha!
Sunday we went to church and then just rested in the afternoon. I hit a bit of a "pot hole" in the street of my life and was kind of a disaster last night...it wasn't pretty, but this morning after praying and putting another process into action I'm back on the road. A nice little note from Mr. L also helps to make me feel that much better!
THEN {as if that wasn't enough!} this morning the school next to our church {where Cole attends Preschool} was locked down due to a gun sighting. So I got to spend an extra 2 hours waiting in a nearby parking lot waiting to fetch my child {and a few extras} -- Here's the road blocked off
Here's the media coverage with the police Sergeant reporting on the situation
Here are the safe little buddies with one of the police on duty at the church
So, most of our weekend was great: dinner with friends, snow shoeing, the left, however, feeling like I had hit a pot hole in the road and then basically writing off today wasn't the greatest, but that's life and there is always tomorrow to make up for today!

I'm off to prepare dinner & get in some form of exercise!

Happy Monday Lovelies!

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Anonymous said...

What a great weekend!! I am so happy we could snow shoe together Shawna, and spend more than a couple of hours together!! I look forward to doing it again with you sometime!!

We had a lot of helicopter action on the day the school was locked down. I am just so glad everybody was OK! So scary! It was also the day I decided my kids will not be going there to high school. Cross boundary forms handed in yesterday!

p.s. you got yourself SOOOO ready so quickly! Look at how gorgeous you look!! xx

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