: Foundation Friday :: 52 weeks of blessing :

Along with my word of the year I've been thinking about what I can do outwardly to be used by God. Whether it be by acts of service, donations, gifts...

And I kept coming back to the same thing; blessing someone with a little gift to brighten their day.
This is NOT an original idea in any way {See inspirations here & here}. But it was the idea that came back to my mind time and time again. I know how blessed I feel when someone goes out of their way to brighten my day by an email, text, note or just a hug..it's huge to me and it's connecting on a human level.

We're SO often caught up in "
cyberland" that we forget the meaning of true connections face to face even the "I" movement has taken over the saying of "facetime" - blech. Humanity is such a little portion of our days and SO taken over with the internet & technology that I'm afraid it will be a lost art. Yes, humanity could be lost if we let technology replace it. Ok, stepping off the soap-box now.

So my goal {
oy vey, makes me nervous writing that as it makes it real!} is to show a gesture of love to someone each week. That is ONLY 52 gestures of love...52! I can handle that!!!

I'm not planning on always reporting back here on these gestures as I've already accomplished one, so only 51 to go ;) -- BUT, let me know if you would like me to report them and I will, even just for ideas for your own 52 weeks of blessing.

This isn't a post to tell you what I am doing but to encourage you to look outward as to what you can do for others : Take it as a challenge, with little
monetary value and just a little bit of time what kind of a difference can you make?

Here is a link to some free printable cards I found on Pinterest
{seriously love that site!} - click on the picture to print some off for yourself!
Now go have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend Lovelies I'm off to exercise! I'll see you back here on Monday!



Crystal said...

Such a great idea:)

susan said...

Shawna - you and I speak the same language! I love this idea - and I personally LOVE sending random notes to people to let them know I am thinking of them - I've sent verses as well, verses that I didn't necessarily seek out but that found me to give to them. Does that sound hokey?

I'd love to hear about your 52 weeks of blessings - and it's totally not to toot your own horn but to encourage others to bless people as well - love, love, love this!

Did I blog about how our home is a blessing to us to be used to bless others? I think I did (I'll have to check back) it's all the same mind set though - how can we bless others since we are so blessed ourselves. And yes, I certainly don't always feel that I am blessed but when I sit and reflect on all Christ has done for me how can I even entertain the though of thinking I'm not blessed! Shame on me!

Wow, long comment - I love this - you are such a wonderful woman of God Shawna - love ya friend!!


Jenn VH said...

Love that idea!! Inspires me to to the same :0) Thanks for sharing about your suitcase--I actually was able to unpack and put away both of them today! :0)

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