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Here we are at another Wednesday :: Can you believe it!?!?! This morning Mr. L looked at me as we were getting ready and said "it's Wednesday already!?!". Yup, yup it is!

Had a great time in the Word this morning at church. Man I love my church!

Anyway...here's on to my list of favorite things for this week...enjoy and let me know if you have a recommendation of something that is your favorite. I would love to know so I can try it out!
{click on picture to get to the link}

: Earth friendly shopper by ReUseIt : This bag is genius! It hooks right onto your cart and then once your done it folds up...ahhhh, I'm in LOVE!

: Allan Roth Mirror : Saw this mirror the other day...thought I didn't have a place for it. But since then I have found a place for it! However it's no longer on sale - snap!
: Nenavon Accent Pillow : been looking for some accent pillows that are a bit more bold than my normal neutral...and I came across these - and many more of her designs, I'm in LOVE! But might have to save up for this investment ;)

: Akira Wrap : Found this super cute wrap - for a super cute price...I like the red, although it comes in many different colors! No saving up needing to happen for this little "gift to self" ;)

: House of Fifty : Last but not least "House of Fifty" Spring 2012 {FREE} online magazine :: LOVE! ::
That's it for today -- I've been a blogging crazy these days! Truly it's only for my own personal health and wholeness. It's a release and gives me an outlet for all the crazy thoughts that go through my mind.

Happy Hump Day Lovelies!


Meg Baxter said...

LOVE the wrap! I wonder how it feels?

Jennifer said...

K, where did you get the wrap? I NEEEEEED one!

Jennifer said...

ANNNDD the shopping cart thing..Need that to...sooo easy

Trista Cooper said...

where did you get the wrap? Love it!

Crystal said...

I like that you are blogging like crazy! gives me stuff to read and keep my mind of my inner pregnancy crazy's:)

Shawna said...

@Meg: I have no clue...I'm all about the look less about the feel :p

@JennFluff: Click on the photos and it will take you to the websites ;)

@Trista: Akira online: shopakira.com

@Crystal: Glad I'm amusing you;)

Kori's House said...

I'm in love with the mirror! With fresh paint on the walls I have two spots that could really use this beauty!

Janean said...

UHM, Learn to sew darling and MAKE those pillows. Honestly, they are the most overpriced accessory for a home on the planet and one of the easiest things to make!!!

Kori's House said...

Target has a smaller version of the mirror for $19.99!

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